Life lately.

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays over, we're back to normal life here in Eastern Oregon.

Clint's in Denver at the NWSS this week, so Chandler and I are home taking care of the fort.  Which really just means we're feeding the horses, taking care of the dogs, playing after work & dinner, taking selfies to send to Daddy, and going to bed early if we can. 

No complaints from me.  :)

Before Clint left, we got a ton of new snow and while it makes things harder for those to have to work outside, it was pretty.

Clint needed to weigh the Rollin' Rock bulls Sunday before he left, and got one group across the scales before they froze up.....

So he decided to bed the Charolais bulls in shavings before he left, and use the loader to move some snow around so I could get out in the mornings.  Chandler and I tried to help where we could, opening gates and waving.  :)  Chandler loves to ride around in Clint's red wagon he uses on AI projects - and surprisingly, it pulled really well in the snow!

Other than that - we've just been spending our days playing and snuggling, and enjoying time with our one year old....who is turning into a little bit of a dare devil!  :)

I'm loving this stage right now - and we're trying to soak up as much of it as we can!

Chandler plays independently so well, and we even catch him standing on his own a bit - but still no walking.

Hope life is good for you too - and that you're living the dream!


  1. Awww! Your little man could not be more beautiful. What an amazing place for a kiddo to grow up! Mine weren't walking at that age either - no rush! Enjoy the reduced mobility (and increased sanity) while you can! Ha! :)
    -Kelly @ View Along the Way


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