Monday, February 27, 2017


We're officially homeowners!

Clint and I signed papers on our new house last Tuesday, Feb. 21.  It was a wet, rainy day - but I think rainy days are our "thing" for happy occasions.

It rained on our wedding day.
It rained ice the day Chandler was born.
It rained last Tuesday.
And it rained yesterday when we moved the majority of the house.

So we'll just associate the rain with happy occasions in our life.

Bring on the rain.  :)


A big thank you to friends and family who helped us move - my brother in law Henry especially helped do a lot of heavy lifting with Clint and we are so appreciative.

For anyone who's gone through the process - you know buying a house is a long, sometimes tedious process.  For us - we really had hoped that we could find acreage and a stick built home; but when our timeline became a little more crunched and we had the choice between a stick built w/ small acres or a manufactured home w/ more acres - well you can see what our choice was.

The house isn't quite done being remodeled yet (we are redoing 100% of the flooring, and adding a larger closet to the master) but when it is done - I'll post the "inside" pictures.

Until then, we'll be unpacking boxes, rearranging furniture, and baby proofing the house.

Chandler's crib is set up, and he slept great in it last night - our first night in the new house.  Clint and I slept in our full guest bed in Chandler's room (since the flooring & closet in our master isn't done yet) - and while we slept; I don't think it was as soundly as Chandler did.  ;)

Outside we have a lot to do - permanent fencing, redrawing/reconfiguring pasture layouts, getting ready to build a shop, getting ready to turn on irrigation, fertilizing, and other maintenance items.  The previous owners rented out their pasture, so they only had thin electric fence in place and while that might work as a temporary fix - it's not ideal long term.  There also aren't any outbuildings on the property suitable for livestock needs which is why we're building a new shop/barn.

I think we all know where our free time will be spent in the next few months.  :)

But it's ours, and we're happy to call it {home}.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

I hope you feel loved today! 

This is a fun day to let others know that you love them. I hope you know that you are loved by our family!

It's Show and Tell Tuesday and we're talking about our LOVES!!!  



This guy might not love having his picture taken - but he is the BEST husband, the BEST daddy, and the hardest worker I know.  Clint makes you want to be a better person, just because you want things to be up to his standards.

He's really taught me what it means to think about/care for others, and he is always doing the right thing even if no one is looking.

This morning I told him again how happy I was that he chose me - because we really believe you choose your spouse, and continue to make the choice to love them - and I'm so thankful that he's mine.



Sweet boy - we love you so much!  Our little 13 month year old is happy to be along for the ride!  He just got his last molar in and is finally able to sleep through the night again.  ;)

He loves talking, playing, being with people, being outside and being with his mommy & daddy.

We just love him so much!


Baby Brother:

We don't know a lot about Baby #2, but we do know that he's growing well and is pretty active!  :)

We're so excited to meet this guy in June, and I hope he and Chandler are the best little buddies.


This life.

I am so thankful for the good life that we get to lead and live.

Being a part of an ag community is a special thing, and we have great friends that we get to live this life with each & every day.

I don't take that for granted.


Hoping you are surrounded by {your loves} today and that you're living the dream!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Chandler - 13 months.

Chan man!

I didn't know if I'd keep up monthly posts once you turned a year, but for now - I will.  It's such an easy way to remember the little things.  :)

You are standing so well, and you don't even know it.
You aren't walking yet - but we're not worried.  Dr. Earl says you can, but just won't. 
He might have jokingly called you lazy.

You love to eat - we still haven't found anything you don't like.

You talk, and talk, and talk some more!  We have no idea what you're saying - but it's fun to listen to your little voice.  Most nights, you talk to me all the way home from Pam's.

You point at things, give high fives, shake hands and learned how to move your hand over your mouth this month to make "aw-wa-wa-wa-wa" noises.  You especially like to do these inside, but with an outside voice.  ;)

You're starting to know what limits at night, when I unload the dishwasher, I let you play in it while it's clean, but when you get up on it - I tell you "get down" and you do....just to wait until I'm not looking and then you get right back up on it.  ;)  I ask you to get down, and you do...and then the game continues. 

You'll hate when I tell you this as a teenager - but whenever your mom & dad give each other a kiss, you get the BIGGEST smile on your face.


You are such a trooper - and go with us wherever.  Breeding cows, checking cows, working on pens - you're game to be along, hang out in the backpack carrier, or play in the car seat if it's late or the weather is bad.


You've really started to like your "lovie" this month.  (A washcloth sized satin sheep you snuggle and sleep with, that your cousin Jacobi gave you.)  You look for it when you wake up, and carry it around with you quite a bit.

You're standing like a champ, have figured out your tongue (and like to stick it out just to see if it's still there....)

And I just noticed that in all of these pictures, you have a bink in.  Honestly - this month, with you teething - it hasn't been a battle we're willing to fight.  I know your poor mouth hurts, and when you have a bink you never fuss - so we let you have it. 


So that's you in a nutshell at 13 months!

We love you so much, and just think the world of you buddy.

Love you Chandler!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Happy birthday Clint!

Happy birthday to our favorite daddy!

To our favorite cattleman....

And to my favorite husband.
Love you Clint - here's to a great year!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday friends!
This week has just seemed long to me - so I thought I'd end it on a happy note with a light post.


Chandler has been teething this week; homeboy has a mouth FULL of teeth, and is getting a gargantuan molar in right now.  He is a trooper, but you can tell it bothers him.  He's been a little off during the day, had a tough time falling asleep at night, and then wakes up every hour or two.  He hasn't really been into teething rings, so I was trying to figure out something cold that could reach his back teeth and the solution?



A cold piece of celery straight from the fridge.  He gnaws it for awhile until it warms up, and then I chuck that piece and give him a new, cold piece.  Cheap, easy, and healthy.  :)

Celery was definitely a favorite for Chandler this week.


I think anyone who knows me, knows that I love shopping Costco online.  A lot of people don't realize that you can shop online, but the prices are the same as in the store and most of the time, the shipping is FREE!  I buy almost everything non-perishable online only now, and then just make a run every month or so for perishable items.

My current favorites online right now are:

These shirts - long enough for leggings, and dressy enough for work.  I have one in every color.

This Fekkai styling cream - on sale right now!  Two tubes for less than $10, and free shipping!

I've been keeping an eye out for rugs for the new house, and I didn't buy this one fast enough (the bigger size is already sold out) but how pretty & neutral is this one?  Costco always has affordable rugs - but I don't think that fact is a secret, since they sell out fast!


I mentioned it on Facebook, but we had two cows calve last week.  They both had trouble - one calved just fine, but another cow was trying to claim her calf....and then the cow that was trying to claim it started to calve, but wasn't trying (she thought she already had a calf, lol) so we had to bring her in and pull it.  Clint was in California at the Red Bluff sale, but Terry & Anna have been keeping/feeding our cows for us until we move and they were ROCKSTARS last week.

Good friends are seriously my favorite.  They did so much for us last week, and we are so appreciative.  Because of them, we have a healthy heifer and bull calf frolicking around.  Neighbor Jill aptly named them Snowball and Snowflake, since they were born during the snow storm.

Here's to hoping the rest of the cows calve like big girls, without any needed assistance from us.  :)


Well, that's a wrap.

How are things in your world?  Anything you want to add to the Favorites list?

I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika this week - check out their blogs for more favorite fun!


Keep living the dream friends!