Bath time baby.

Chandler LOVES to take a bath.

Well - he pretty much loves water, in general.  And if it's running, and he can run his hands through it?  Even better.

We're planning on getting him a water table for Easter - if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Bath time is his favorite parts of the night, and I love that I have been able to put him in the "big" bath (regular bath tub vs his little green baby bath) in our new house.  He plays with his boats, a wash cloth and his favorite - a measuring cup for at least a half hour each night.

It's so fun to just hang out with him.  :)


  1. ah, boys and water! I still throw my boys in the water when they get crabby... pool, hose, shower, whatever's available. (even works for the OLDest when he spends the day putting on shingles)

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