Branding in Pilot Rock.

We spent Sunday with the Raymond crew branding calves in Pilot Rock.

It was a fun day and the weather, for the most part - was pretty darn nice.

We got there late in the morning, and Clint took a younger colt with him (Pistol), so he spent some time leading him around while Chandler and I hung out and I took a few misc. pictures.

Someone loved a pair of sunglasses!!!

Colter's birthday was Monday, so Amy had a cake for him....he didn't get a chance to blow out his candles though, because the wind did it for him!  :)

After lunch, cake & presents - the crew hit the branding pen!



We've had so much moisture this winter/spring that it's been tough to have the right conditions to brand.  And while no one is complaining about the rain - because rain = grass - it's been a bit of a rush to get calves branded so guys can get pairs turned out. 





And I'll end with two of my favorite pictures from the day.

Chandler loves riding with Clint, and I love the look on Clint's face in this last picture.  He works and goes so hard - that it's fun to see these smiles captured.  :)

Thanks Ryan & Amy for having us - we sure appreciate your friendship and love getting to help brand.


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