Chandler's 1st Haircut.

Chandler got his first haircut this weekend!

My mom was here visiting, and she does a great job so after breakfast on Saturday when Chandler was relaxed we went to it!

The Before Pictures:

He did so well - he was a little squirmy at first, mostly because I think he wanted to see what was going on behind him - but once I gave him my phone to watch, he settled down and was a champ!

The During Pictures:

My mom did a great job!  He looked so big once she was done, but I also love how he doesn't have a baby mullet anymore.  :)  She just cut the back and didn't cut the front, so he still looks like a baby.

Thanks Grandma for giving Chandler his first haircut!


  1. Baby mullets are so cute...but she really did do a fabulous job!!

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  3. Love this! What a special memory for all of you! ♡♡


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