Life lately & a really good lipstick.

Friends!  How are you this week?

This post is RANDOM - but it's our life lately, and I wanted to make sure a few memories live here on the blog.  :)

The weather here can't decide whether to be nice, or pouring down rain....but what is awesome about the aforementioned scenario is that our grass is growing like crazy and that means good feed for our cows.  Also - every time it rains, I just tell myself it's free irrigation water that we do not have to pay for.  What can I say - I'm a frugal gal at heart.  :)

However, the lipstick I'm about to tell you about is not frugal.  But it is totally, 100% worth it.  Yes - me, Darcy Sexson, is telling you to go spend $25 on a lipstick and to not worry. 

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Color Changing Lipstick

I bought mine at Nordstrom so that I didn't have to pay shipping, but you can buy it at Ulta too.  It feels like chapstick going on - which I love, and turns a nice pink color on me.  It's definitely not green!  :)

While we're on the topic of looking good - our accountant & friend Kristie Shasteen and her family are adopting another little boy from China this year!  To help with the adoption costs, she's hosting a Noonday Party here.  So I will be VERY honest here - I rarely, really never, participate in "parties".  See the "frugal gal" sentence above.  But I didn't hesitate to order these leather fringe earrings - because this is a small way I can help a great family, doing a really amazing thing. 

And you can help too!  Just type in Kristie's name when it asks for a Trunk Show host and proceeds from your purchase go towards their adoption.

So in a totally different direction - Chandler has become quite the talker!  Except - he's not really specific with what he says.   We went in this week for his 15 month appointment due to a reschedule, and Dr. Earl was going thru his checklist of questions and asked if he could say 3-5 words....and I was like, "Ummmm....not really".  Haha - our sweet boy can say A LOT....see the video....but is he really specific?  No.  Are we worried?  Nope.  :)

Speaking of videos - here's another one of Chandler with a cup of ice.  Homeboy LOVES ice, and he spent a good 30 minutes on Easter Sunday just eating ice.  (He stayed on the rug, and since it was just water - he could spill to his heart's content.)

While we were AI'ing at 9 Mile last weekend, Lindsay, Mack & Mason came over and mowed our lawn.  (Mack loves to mow - so I asked Lindsay if we could hire him.....they said yes!)  Mason helped out too, Lindsay sent me this collage, and honestly it was the best gift to come home too.

We've hired our lawn out the last three years at Double M and it was one of those things that I didn't think I'd hire out after we moved.....but this time of year is just too busy, and if the boys are wanting to mow - I love that we can hire them. 

Other than that - I'm just working and Clint is AI'ing cows and Chandler & I tag along when we can.  Baby boy #2 is growing well, and we're looking forward to meeting him in late June!

 When we're home - we're really trying to soak up spending time with Chandler.  My sister Lindsay worked in Pendleton last Friday, so we got to see her Saturday and Chandler had a ball with Auntie Lindsay and his new water table.

So that's life lately....

Hope you're living the dream!  We sure are.  :)


  1. Those earrings are so cute! And the "talking" video cracked me up when I first saw it on Facebook! Have a good rest of the week!

  2. Love's a really good life you're living. ♡♡


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