3 things.

Just a quick post with 3 things about us right now!


1. Homeboy loves to eat things out of a small Ziploc sack.  I think it's hilarious, but it really does make him happy. 

2. Chandler has a plethora of toys and trucks - and he is happy to play with them, but if he hears the pantry door open he makes a bee line for the broom!!!  Hahaha - he is so funny.  If I need 30 minutes to make dinner (or 10 minutes to make breakfast, which is the photo above) and he needs to be occupied, all I need to do is let him in the pantry and he's content.  I might have a mess to clean up - but it's a pretty easy mess to clean up.  :)

3. This is Chandler's 3rd week at his new daycare provider Kelley's, and he is having a ball.  She makes sure they get outside on nice days, takes them to the park to swing, lets them play in the sprinklers and they gets afternoon treats almost every day.

Chandler & his buddy Jory enjoying an ice cream sandwich - they LOVE to play with each other!

 Drop off is still a little tough on him but she is wonderful and handles it like a champ.  On warm mornings when she has the window open, I can hear him stop crying as soon as I close the door - the little stinker.  ;) I think he does that just to pull my heart strings. 

 I put this on the blog not to make anyone feel guilty - but I think I post a lot of positive, happy things and how well Chandler handles things, and this has been one thing we have struggled with so I wanted to be open & honest.

Clint & Darcy

1. We are excited to watch the progress on our barn!  They started to put up rafters this week, and then were delayed due to weather.  But it's still fun to see what's been done when we pull in the driveway each night.  I can't wait for concrete - I hope we're home, so we can have Chandler put his handprints in the foundation.

2. We're headed to Nevada this weekend to help with a large heifer project.  Think middle of nowhere, beautiful scenery, the guys are sleeping in tents....except we're cheating and taking our camper.  :)  It's supposed to get down to 30* at night, and with Chandler going we are taking the camper.  (Plus that way I'll have a way to heat up bottles, run water, etc.)  And we won't be that far away from civilization, either lol.  I'm not due for another 5 weeks, but we want to be smart too - we won't be that far away from a hospital, just in case this baby decides to come early.

3. We are so excited to meet our baby boy!  We have a name picked out (but won't be telling anyone until he's born) and it's fun to look forward to the end of June.  My sweet Bunco group threw a baby shower for me at Bunco last week (thank you ladies!) and we are stocked on diapers, wipes and cute summer newborn clothes.  I am starting to get to the point where I'm becoming uncomfortable, but I only have to deal with it for a few more weeks so I'm happy to bear along.  :)   Since he'll be our last, I'm really trying to savor the little things about pregnancy and enjoy them.

So that's 3 things about us right now!

PS - Thanks to the Momfessionals blog for inspiring this post!


  1. Darcy,
    I love your posts and how you love life! Keep up the good work you do with the many hats you wear.

    So, I will share with a story Dad told me yesterday. Apparently Sister is concerned because Miles is not talking much. Mom's Aunt passed away and Sister and Miles went to the funeral and sat with Mom and Dad. At the lunch after the funeral Dad was helping Miles with his food. Miles looked up at Dad and said "Thanks Grandpa" clear as a bell. Dad said Sister almost choked on her sandwich and Mom was stunned. Apparently Miles takes in more than he lets on.

    Hope your heifer project went well and you had a great trip.


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