Branding in Helix.

We spent Saturday with the Raymond's in Helix up on a piece of pasture by the wind turbines.

It was a gorgeous day - sunny for the most part, with enough breeze to keep the turbines moving and a sweatshirt on - unless you were pregnant like me, lol, then you were in a t-shirt all day.

It was probably a good thing they branded Saturday - the next day was windy down in the bottoms, so I bet it would have been SUPER windy up top.

Ryan used Morgan's portable alley and his own portable Silencer to set up a facility to work the cows, and brand the bigger fall calves.  We did those first, and then after lunch the crew tackled branding the spring calves. 

The view was pretty incredible!  You could see to Touchet & Walla Walla up top.




They headed & heeled everything, which was fun.  Colter is very serious when he's roping (and not so serious when he's not, lol) and started the afternoon off well!

He roped ten (or maybe more, I lost count) calves that day and as he would bring each one in, he would be so excited to tell us what number it was.  :)

Pace & Kylee with a calf from Pace's cow.

The ground crew got a workout, but Clint thought that heading & heeling them was the easiest way Ryan could have picked to work them. 

It was a GREAT way to spend a Saturday.  :)


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