We have a set of outside storage cabinets on the north side of our house that Clint uses almost every day for his AI stuff.

They fit semen tanks, patches, bottles of glue, gloves, etc and keep it all somewhat close & handy to where we park our rigs.

Last weekend, Clint needed space in his pickup so he pulled Chandler's car seat out and had it stored where a tank would normally sit.  I think the tank traded spots with the car seat in his pickup. :)

We were outside with Chandler, and he thought it was pretty fun to crawl up into it and play around.

When Clint shut the doors to the storage cabinets, I thought Chandler would freak out - but he started laughing! :)

And then he thought it was pretty fun when Daddy played Peekaboo with him with the little door on the East.


So fun.  :)  And a little memory I wanted to capture here on the blog.  :)


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