Sunday, June 25, 2017

Calvin David Dean.

Calvin David Dean was born Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 10:46 pm.
He weighed 8 lbs, 13 oz and measured 21 inches long.
He came quickly - and stole our hearts even quicker.

We love you buddy!
And your brother especially loves you, and can't go past you without giving you a hug or love.

Sweet Calvin - thank you for making us a family of four.

Monday, June 12, 2017

A lazy weekend.

This weekend was just what I needed.  :)

We took care of things around the house that I'd been neglecting during the AI season (like cleaning the baseboards, washing rugs, pulling weeds, etc - you know the fun things in life, lol), celebrated at RJ & Kai's 40th birthday party, pulled CIDR's on a couple of cows (like, four - nothing big), grocery shopped and just hung out.  Clint was home Saturday (he left for the GI early Sunday morning) and was able to work on irrigation and get the camper cleaned out & packed again.

Chandler liked riding in the Skidsteer with Clint!  He's very serious, because he was trying to figure it all out.  No time for smiles for the camera, when we have levers to figure out.  :)

The barn is almost done - after I took this picture Thursday, they finished the south siding early Friday.  The contractor is just waiting on the back ordered doors, and their part should be finished and we can start on electrical. 

Since Clint was gone Sunday and we were home, I spent part of the day getting ready for the baby.  The bassinet is out, the car seat is ready, and I have a few clothes & diapers set out & a hospital bag packed.   Chandler was all about checking out the car seat.  :)  It was clicked into the base, so it didn't rock or tip when he climbed into it which was great for him.  He loves to buckle things, and this kept him entertained the entire time I was putting the bassinet back together in our room.

It's crazy how big he looks in it now - compared to how small he was when we first brought him home from the hospital. 

This sleepy eyed boy (picture taken right after he got up from a nap) was spoiled by the babysitter on Friday, and had a fun cow balloon to play with all weekend that he loved to "lead".  It had little feet on it that kept it close to the ground, so he could just pull on the string and it would tag along behind him.  He loved it!

After running errands Sunday afternoon, we came home and worked in my flower beds.  I turned the hose on to a trickle and Chandler "watered" everything....and himself.  :)  A popsicle in the bath seemed like the easiest way to manage the mess - so that's just what we did.

Momma may have had a popsicle too.  ;)

And little brother is doing well!  I had a doctor's appointment last week after my ultrasound, and he's big - but similar in size to what Chandler was at this point.  His head's actually only in the 96th percentile (Chandler was way off the charts in the 99th) but his chest is in the 99th percentile....what can we say, we're not "calving ease".  Since I've "proven myself already" (lol - my doctor's words) they're going to let me go full term, but not any farther.  They said I could get induced early if I wanted, but so far I'm feeling good and I'd rather see if he'll come on his own.  My due date is Monday, June 26 so we know we'll get to meet him by that day - if not earlier.  We are excited!

We're also looking forward to seeing Daddy tonight when he gets home from the GI and spend a couple of days together before he heads to Idaho to judge a show.  This weekend we're celebrating our anniversary & Father's Day on the same day and looking forward to the UCCA BBQ Sunday.  Fun times!

Hope you had a good weekend too - and are living the dream!

Monday, June 5, 2017

2017 Spring AI Season.

Well, I think this weekend wrapped up my 2017 Spring AI season!

And it's been a great one.  :)

This was the first year Clint worked for All West Select Sires full time, so the season looked a bit different than previous ones.  Normally, we both are juggling full time jobs and trying to AI cows on the weekends and evenings since it was a personal business.  Now that it's Clint's full time job - there were a lot of projects that I would normally go to, that I didn't - since he did them during the work week.  I've been trying to save leave for when the second baby comes, so unless he got in a pinch and needed help - Chandler and I only went to the projects he did on the weekends.  I missed seeing a lot of long time customers; but it was also refreshing to not have the extra stress of juggling a job and AI'ing.

Also, Clint has been on the road a lot this spring which is totally to be expected - but when he's home, he's home.  I'm not sure how to put it into words - but this career change really came at an opportune time, family-wise which is what we had hoped it would do.  Clint goes hard during the AI season, but if he's home for a morning - he gets to spend it with us, doing what he/we want to do - versus having to juggle a full time ranching job too & lining people out to do work while he's gone like when we were at Double M.  That was our choice to juggle both at that time - and it was worth it; doing both allowed us to do certain things....but now that we have Chandler, it's nice to have a little more relaxed feel at home, when we are home.

For example - Clint used to always have his phone with him in the AI barn to take calls, answer questions, etc.  At first I didn't notice that he was leaving it in the pickup when we started breeding this spring....but all season, that's where it has remained since he's able to put his focus during that time with the customer & those cattle.  Little things like that, have really stood out to me as differences this year.

And of course, Chandler is mobile this year, so I wasn't exactly sure how that would work, but it worked out just fine.  Last year he just hung out in his car seat on a storage tub under my little desk where I thaw

How sweet is little baby Chandler 1 year ago?  💛

This year he either hung out on my back in my Ergo or in his jogging stroller.  And for the most part - he was a ROCKSTAR.  Maybe because he's our first - but I guess we have expected him to behave a certain way, even for a one year old - but at every project we went to, we got nice compliments about how well he behaved.  Some people didn't even realize he was there until the end, because he rarely fusses.  And if he did get fussy, he was usually in his stroller and couldn't see; so I would load him in the Ergo and then he was just fine.  Mostly, it came down to if he could see what was going on.....if he was a part of the action, he could go for hours and be content.  Like this past weekend in Riley, we started at 7:00 am and went until just before 9:45 am and he was laughing or content the entire time.  The crew couldn't believe it - and again, we were reminded how lucky we are.

Some things helped us be successful though with Chandler along, for sure.  First - normally I would help Clint set up the barn, but this year he would get things set up and I would make sure Chandler was ready to go.  That means always making sure we had snacks (like individually packaged Tillamook cheese squares, granola bars and precut strawberries or melon), a bottle of milk and a sippy cup of water for every project.  If we had those things - and a fresh diaper - we were good to go.  I would also have a blanket & toys for him that he didn't get to normally play with - but honestly, he was most content when I would hand him the plastic goblets when I was done thawing 5 units and he'd chew on those, or wave them around, etc.  :)


We are so thankful that he is willing (and content) to hang with us thru an entire AI project, and doesn't get fussy.  I hope that trait carries on with him thru his lifetime....and selfishly, I hope his little brother will be the same way.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


My mom has been really generous, in coming over one weekend a month to spend time with Chandler.
I know it's a long drive from her house to ours, but we love that she makes time for us.  She & Chandler have the best little bond, and you can tell he remembers her and loves her!
Thanks Mom (and Grandma) for all you do - we love you!
And thank you for giving Chandler his haircuts!  He looks like such a little man now.