Marion County Fair.

Clint got asked to judge a few county fairs in Oregon this year, and two this month happen to be close to where my mom lives.  That made it really ideal to tag along with Clint, and get to see family at the same time.
The Marion County fair is held in Salem at the state fairgrounds.  It was fun to see how they set county fair up (versus state fair, which we've been to a lot), and because of the extra space there were lots of places where Chandler could run around and I didn't have to worry about him getting behind animals, etc.
Thursday we drove down with Clint and watched him in the morning.  Chandler did so good sitting in the stands, and loved to clap with the crowd after Clint had placed a class.  :)  Lindsay joined us afterwards for ice cream, before we headed to her house.
Eating a Ritz cracker & watching the confirmation classes.  :)

Chandler's first Dairy Wives ice cream!  The Red Barn is a staple at the county & state fair, and it was fun to let Chandler try his first ice cream from there!  They sell little kids cups and it was the perfect size for him.  I went with my normal raspberry sundae (it's all I ever get - they make the sauce from fresh raspberries and it is dang DELICIOUS!) and Clint got a Reese's milk shake.
The boys (all three) caught naps on the drive to Heiser's where we spent the rest of the day. Clint had to go back in to judge the steers, but we stayed and had dinner, and then the boys & I headed to my mom's for the evening. 
Friday my mom & I slept in and took it easy before heading back to Salem with the boys, and watching Clint finish up showmanship.  We strolled around the fair a bit and found out that Chandler is NOT a fan of people that are dressed up or in costume.  He was a fan of driving the tractors and dancing to the music the sounds guys were playing as they tested out the concert equipment for later that night.  Calvin didn't care too much about any of it, and was pretty content to be wrapped up & held be grandma the entire morning.  :)

Thanks mom for taking this!

There was a fun ag exhibit with a box of corn that opened after Clint was done judging, so we headed to play in it for a bit before we made the drive home.  Chandler loved it - and if there a way to build one at home and keep it dry, it'd be so fun for the boys.  (I think the dry part would be tough to maintain though....)
It was so fun to take the boys to the fair - and we can't wait to head back to Grandma's later this month for the Washington County fair.


  1. Darcy,
    Sounds, and looks, like a great time at the fair. Glad you got to spend time with your family too.


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