Sexson - Family of 4.

We were in the hospital, about ready to head home, when it hit home.
Clint was on the phone with Lorna, and they were talking about the upcoming Superior sale in Winnemucca.  Lorna must have been asking him if we were all coming, and he said it'd just be him - that we wouldn't be bringing the kids.
I don't know why that was the point I realized that this was for real, but I'm glad it is.
The two car seats taking up the entire back seat are also pretty real.
The new mini van we just bought is too.  :)
We're still juggling what being a family of four looks like - giving enough attention to both Chandler & Calvin, juggling new schedules, trying to deal with the needs of a newborn and the needs of an 18 month old who thinks he can do everything, but sometimes can't.  :)
It's not perfect - but it's the perfect life for us.

My sister & her husband were over this weekend, and she took a few pictures of us in the backyard.  I love that they capture us in the beginning stages of being a family of four.


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