Wednesday, August 30, 2017

On the road to AI.

I don't take it for granted -
This summer.
This lifestyle.
These experiences.
These kids.
This family.

We spent a few days in the desert AI'ing a few Herefords last month and I wanted to capture these pictures here.  It was the first project we'd taken Cal to over night where we weren't staying in a hotel.  We stayed in our camper we bought from Terry & Anna earlier this year; and while Clint had stayed in it quite a bit in late Spring, I hadn't been to a project remote enough to need it.
This picture is blurry - but it's a favorite.  Chandler loves to snuggle his brother in the morning, and this was the first time Calvin smiled for us.  Here we were, a little family of four, waking up in the middle of nowhere after our first night "camping" in our camper as a family and sweet Calvin just capped off a night that I was a little worried about going into but that actually resulted in a good night of sleep and an overall great experience.
I see a lot of future nights in this camper as a family of four; waking up in new places that will provide growing experiences for our kids.

These two adapt to about anywhere, if they're in their stroller. 

When we weren't AI'ing, the crew was either gathering or sorting.  Everyone (except the boys & I) had a horse - even Grady & Bode helped - to get cattle gathered and sorted.  It will only be a few years when Chandler & Calvin are horseback too - but you'll probably always find me on the ground. :)

And I'll just leave you with this - lol - it's not often that you see Brahman cattle in our part of the world so I can only say -  
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Three things on Tuesday.

1. Brotherly Love.
These two LOVE each other!  Chandler is so gentle with Calvin, and Calvin lights up when he hears his brother or feels him next to him.

2. Sweet Calvin
Cal is getting so strong!  He can stay up in the corner of a chair, and while we still support his head when we pick him up - he's getting stronger there too.  Our little baby is growing up.  :)

What hasn't changed is how good of a sleeper he is - but Cal Pal is very much like his brother; he loves/needs a soft blanker against his face as he falls asleep. 

3. Fall Branding.
Terry & Anna branding a few calves this weekend, and Clint helped while the boys & I watched.  During a break when the kids were roping calves, Chandler got to sit on Twist with Clint.  He loves to ride, and I see a lot of hours in the saddle in our future.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Calvin - 2 months old

Calvin David Dean

You are 2 months old!

And while your outfit above says "tiny" - you're nothing but.  We just got home from the doctor's office where you weighed 13 lbs, 10 oz and measured a whopping 25.25 inches long. Your head was 41.5 cm in diameter and you are growing well!
Chandler outweighed him at 2 months by a pound, but Calvin is taller now than Chandler was at 3 months.  We go to a different doctor now than we did when Chandler was little, so Cal's on a different shot/appointment schedule than Chandler but it's fun to see how they compare to each other. 

You wear size 2 diapers, and are in 3-6 month clothes.  We just put the 3 month clothes away this week since you were getting too long for them.
You started cooing and making sounds this month, and love to smile!

 I feel like your little appearance changes all of the time - most everyone says right now that you look exactly like Chandler, but I see a lot of your daddy in you too.

You are such a content baby and sleep so well.  You wake up once in the middle of the night to eat, and then early (like 4 or 5 am) and go right back to sleep each time.  You don't love to be held, especially when falling asleep.  If you're tired, all I have to do is lay you down with a blanket next to your face and you put yourself right to sleep.  You do like to be in a bouncer though - especially if you can see the rest of your family.  We eat most meals with you in the bouncer by your dad, and Chandler in his booster between us.
Your brother loves you - like really, really loves you.  And you love him - when he holds your hand or touches you, you always start smiling.  I hope that love is always there for the two of you.

You are a trooper, and are game to go anywhere.  You're a great traveler and we've logged over 4,000 miles on the van since you've been born - AI'ing cows, watching your dad judge fairs in Oregon & Idaho, and helping clerk the sale at our own county fair.  When the sale started, the auctioneers couldn't believe you'd just be content to hang out (or sleep) through the 6 hour sale - but you were!

I lifted the stroller up onto the auction block, and besides taking a break to be fed at the start of the pigs - we managed pretty well right there.  A few diaper changes and a few more naps - and by the time we knew it, the sale was over.  :)

Calvin - thanks for making us a family of four.

   We just love you to pieces and are so proud of you!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Checking in.

I'm not really sure how to start this post - except for we're still here!  :)
This is my last maternity leave - or long vacation as I like to think of it - and I've been making the most of it.  I know this is the last time I'll get to have lazy mornings, or not be held to anyone's time schedule except the one I make for myself - and I'm trying to enjoy it.
Actually - I'm not trying....I am enjoying it.  It's been a great few weeks at home.  When I was home with Chandler - I struggled a bit, and felt lonely quite a lot.  It was winter time, Clint was calving and I was a new mom who'd had a tough delivery and physically I just wasn't on my A game.
Having Cal was so much easier physically (well....not the hour or so that I really wanted an epidural and didn't have one, lol) and when I came home from the hospital - I was in such a better place physically that I've been able to kind of get up and go right from the start of my leave.
I've worked when I've wanted to; ran errands without feeling rushed; spent time with Chandler's babysitter and her other kids at library events; gone to Costco in the middle of the morning and looked thru all of the aisles; spent 15 minutes just sitting in a chair holding Calvin when I probably should have been changing water; traveled with the kids and Clint to AI projects in the middle of the week; helped with things around the house; changed water; gone to fairs that Clint has judged with the kids and our own local fair; done our taxes; organized our closets and I've gotten Starbucks almost every morning.
Oh wait....I've always gotten Starbucks every morning.  ;)
My new favorite is a quad shot, iced in a Venti cup, with 7 pumps of vanilla and a splash of cream - DELISH!  And actually, the most inexpensive SBX drink I've acquired a taste for yet.
Basically I'm savoring this time with my kids and Clint - and while I've been reading blogs, I haven't really been home a lot and in front of a computer where I can post. 
But next week I will be - because I don't really have a desire to travel in Oregon the first part of next week during the solar eclipse - and my goal is to do a bit of back posting to get caught up.  Because I want this blog to be a place where my boys can look back and read about their younger years - and know how much their mom & dad love them and love doing things with them.
For now though - I'll leave you with a few pictures of our sweet boys.
I know I'm biased - but they are so good, and we are so proud of them.