Checking in.

I'm not really sure how to start this post - except for we're still here!  :)
This is my last maternity leave - or long vacation as I like to think of it - and I've been making the most of it.  I know this is the last time I'll get to have lazy mornings, or not be held to anyone's time schedule except the one I make for myself - and I'm trying to enjoy it.
Actually - I'm not trying....I am enjoying it.  It's been a great few weeks at home.  When I was home with Chandler - I struggled a bit, and felt lonely quite a lot.  It was winter time, Clint was calving and I was a new mom who'd had a tough delivery and physically I just wasn't on my A game.
Having Cal was so much easier physically (well....not the hour or so that I really wanted an epidural and didn't have one, lol) and when I came home from the hospital - I was in such a better place physically that I've been able to kind of get up and go right from the start of my leave.
I've worked when I've wanted to; ran errands without feeling rushed; spent time with Chandler's babysitter and her other kids at library events; gone to Costco in the middle of the morning and looked thru all of the aisles; spent 15 minutes just sitting in a chair holding Calvin when I probably should have been changing water; traveled with the kids and Clint to AI projects in the middle of the week; helped with things around the house; changed water; gone to fairs that Clint has judged with the kids and our own local fair; done our taxes; organized our closets and I've gotten Starbucks almost every morning.
Oh wait....I've always gotten Starbucks every morning.  ;)
My new favorite is a quad shot, iced in a Venti cup, with 7 pumps of vanilla and a splash of cream - DELISH!  And actually, the most inexpensive SBX drink I've acquired a taste for yet.
Basically I'm savoring this time with my kids and Clint - and while I've been reading blogs, I haven't really been home a lot and in front of a computer where I can post. 
But next week I will be - because I don't really have a desire to travel in Oregon the first part of next week during the solar eclipse - and my goal is to do a bit of back posting to get caught up.  Because I want this blog to be a place where my boys can look back and read about their younger years - and know how much their mom & dad love them and love doing things with them.
For now though - I'll leave you with a few pictures of our sweet boys.
I know I'm biased - but they are so good, and we are so proud of them.



  1. Darcy,
    Glad things are going good for you and the family. This is the time you should be enjoying every moment with the kids and Clint that you can. Yea for you!

    I haven't been very good about reading blogs the last two weeks. J has been gone a lot and I've been doing other things. Some days I just don't want to sit down in front of a computer. I can be hit and miss with facebook too. Real time with people and being present in life are more important than facebook feeds.


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