Fair fun!

This summer has been different for us, in a lot of good ways. Because of Clint's new job, he has the flexibility to judge county fairs again which he really enjoys; and because I've been on maternity leave - the four of us have been able to go to almost all of them.

Most cattle shows happen during the week, when I'd normally be at work.
We started out the summer with Clint judging the Marion County fair and then two weeks later we were back on the west side for the Washington County fair.  The first day he judged, I dropped him off and headed to Tillamook to meet up with two of my college roommates and their kids. We had lunch at the temporary Tillamook Cheese Factory visitor's center and took that in. It was great to see Freynie & Becky and just catch up on life. I was pretty lucky to run with a great group of people in college, and they are two of them.

That night Shawn, Lindsay & Henry came over to mom's for dinner.

The second day, Clint headed in to the fair and the kids and I stayed at home with my mom and kept our feet in the pool! It was such a relaxing day. :)


In August we headed to Idaho when Clint judged the Gem County fair and the Western Idaho State Fair.  We were headed home the day of the Eclipse, and happened to be in the "path of totality" so we pulled over at a gas station on the ID/OR border and watched it.

We missed the first part of our local county fair (we were in Jordan Valley AI'ing) but were home in time to help judge Master Showmanship (goats this year for me, lol) help with the auction and take a "Sweaty Selfie" with Lindsay!

It's been a great summer, filled with a lot of fair fun. We love that we get to expose our boys to livestock shows and hope they grow up to love the industry as much as we do!


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