Three things on Tuesday.

1. Brotherly Love.
These two LOVE each other!  Chandler is so gentle with Calvin, and Calvin lights up when he hears his brother or feels him next to him.

2. Sweet Calvin
Cal is getting so strong!  He can stay up in the corner of a chair, and while we still support his head when we pick him up - he's getting stronger there too.  Our little baby is growing up.  :)

What hasn't changed is how good of a sleeper he is - but Cal Pal is very much like his brother; he loves/needs a soft blanker against his face as he falls asleep. 

3. Fall Branding.
Terry & Anna branding a few calves this weekend, and Clint helped while the boys & I watched.  During a break when the kids were roping calves, Chandler got to sit on Twist with Clint.  He loves to ride, and I see a lot of hours in the saddle in our future.

Happy Tuesday!


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