Friday Favorites.

Just a quick post with a few of my favorites this week. 
These two boys - they will always be my favorite.
Is anyone surprised that Chandler is trying to hold Cal's hand in the bath tub?  Sweet boy - I hope he holds his hand for a long, long time.
One reason we take a bath every night....

Chandler's favorite past time lately has been playing in the dirt!  I love that he is happy playing outside, and am happy to give baths every night if that's the trade off for him playing well.
Drinking La Croix is a favorite of mine - and also, surprisingly a favorite of Chandler's!
Kiddos coming home with crafts from Kelley's is always fun!  Chandler painted this little pumpkin, and it's sitting front and center on our kitchen island.  Every night when we come home, he points to it and squeals.  :)

Holding babies is a favorite - both for me, and for my good friend Amy.

Watching Clint play with our boys always makes my heart feel so full - I got pretty blessed with three great guys in my life!  Usually while Clint & Chandler are playing - I get to be holding this sweet boy of ours.  :)
Last year (or maybe the year before?) Adrienne and I started coming up with an AI Barn playlist - songs we thought were funny and related to AI'ing heifers.  So when Conway came on the radio, I had to snap a picture of it to send to Adrienne who was with Clint in Illinois at a training.
And my final favorite is this beer!  I have maybe had two or three drinks total since Cal was born - I'm feeding Cal, so I try not to drink a lot and rarely finish a beer if I do have one.  I love a good beer, so when I cracked this one open after the sale Saturday it was TOTALLY worth it and so good - even if I didn't drink all of it.  :)  Gohr's had them at their sale, and I didn't have any there but I'd taken one back to the hotel with me to enjoy after we'd gotten the kiddos to bed.  I'll be 100% honest - it was a favorite half hour of the week.  It was late at night, Clint and I were kicked back on the hotel room couch, winding down after a busy and fun day.  We'd gone thru McDonalds drive thru and I was enjoying a few nuggets with the Sriracha mac sauce (another favorite! lol) and this beer.  It was a GREAT way to end the day.
Hope this week was filled with a few favorites for you too!


  1. I am so glad you blog about every day life...thats what you'll forget when they're 15!


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