Sunday, September 17, 2017

Klamath Falls AI - Bengard

We bred a set of heifers this week in Klamath Falls for a new ranch.
  Clint had gone down last Saturday to give shots and stayed down there, and since it was my last week of maternity leave; the boys & I drove down early Monday morning to meet him.

The ranch had a great set of corrals to work in, and all Clint & Morgan had to do was back the box up to their hydraulic chute. 
We had a great crew; Clint & ranch manager Jared ran the chute, lead up & managed shots/patches; Becky, Tyler & Morgan bred and I thawed.  Ed & Ricardo brought cattle and the boys managed from the stroller.

We were hustling - on both the heats & time AI group, we bred more than 100 an hour thru the barn.


By 6 that night, we were done and the boys and I were headed towards home.  A short trip - but a successful one.

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