Oregon to Nebraska - Part 1

We've been road tripping this past week!

Last week we traveled from our home in Stanfield, OR thru Montana to western North Dakota to look at a set of cows, and then headed south to visit Clint's family on Nebraska and Colorado.

We've put the minivan to good use - logging 2700 miles on it as I type this post from South East Idaho on our way home, with another 600-ish to go.

Yup - we bought a van and I love it! We all fit comfortably in it and it holds a lot of stuff. Clint couldn't sit comfortably in front of a carseat in a pickup or SUV, but the Toyota Sienna's captains chairs in the mid row slide forward and back, so he can sit in front of Chandler and even be able to recline his seat!

I also love that I can pack a weeks worth of stuff/clothing, snacks, a double stroller, full size cooler, hanging clothes and still have room.  I thought maybe it'd be fun to do a separate post about how/what I pack for road trips with two kids under two.

We spent the first day of our drive doing just that - driving. We made it almost all the way across Montana, and with 825 miles under our belt, we stayed the night in Forsyth.  Honestly - I wouldn't stay there again. The motel was terrible and really expensive.  We were trying to get to Miles City, but I got too tired to keep driving. Had I known, I would have stopped in Billings and just gotten up earlier the next day.
Montana knows how to do speed limits & rest stops!
Nevertheless, we woke up early on the second day and made it to Watford City about lunch time. The guys looked thru cattle while the boys played, and then napped as I took a conference call for work.  We had a low key dinner with Morgan's family that night which was just what we needed.

The next day, after running a few errands in town, we broke out the tractors, shovel and lawnmower and let Chandler play while the guys sorted. He was in his element.

Sweet Cal laid and watched it all go down.  :)
We finished the evening with a nice steak dinner in Sidney at the South Forty and the next morning the guys were up bright and early to load the truck. I waited until the boys woke up to bathe them and pack up, and then we headed out to meet/pick up Clint and head towards Nebraska.
I'll post about that trip in another post - but it was really neat to spend time in Watford City. It's where our good friend Morgan grew up and has recently been a big oil boom town. Morgan's mom spent a morning with me in town and it was neat to hear about the changes the oil brought and how the town/citizens adapted to it.  I don't know a lot about the energy industry, but it's important to our country and economy so I enjoyed seeing part of it first hand.


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