Weekend wrap up - Gohr Sale

Well, I survived my first week back at work after maternity leave. It was nice that it was my "short" week, so I had a three day weekend greeting me.  We were all ready for a little rest.

Clint was in Illinois all last week, and got in late Thursday (technically Friday) so we slept in a bit Friday and then spent time checking our cows, before we headed to Touchet to pick up our hydraulic chute and then headed to Ukiah to deliver it to Karl who's using it this week. We stayed to help Karl work a few calves and the sunset in Ukiah that night was stunning!
Saturday we loaded up and set off for Madras to the Gohr's annual Crown Jewel Event. The heifers looked and sold well!


We were zone defense - Clint watched Chandler while I kept Cal and clerked. Chandler was BUSY and had a great time scooping gravel & shavings, running around, petting the heifers and getting his groove on after the sale when the DJ started spinning.

Dawn took these two pictures above - it was so sweet of her to capture our little family "doing our thing" even though she had a million other things to do.  The heifer Chandler is hugging was SO sweet and gentle....we wanted to buy her and bring her home!
We stayed in Madras that night so Chandler could swim in the morning before we headed home.  We switched rigs and went to Helix where we picked up two calves to take to Pam's.
At Pam's, Chandler was checking out James's gator and they did the nicest thing....they gave the boys their gator that their grandkids had used! It will be so loved by the boys - little did they know (until we told them) that when we were in Touchet Friday, that Chandler was playing on the Crouthamel's boys' gator and how we were talking about getting one for Christmas.  So kind of the Enneking's to pass on theirs to our boys. Christmas came early!

Hope your weekend was great too; and that you're living the dream!


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