Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fall & A Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE cool weather.  I often say - "I just need to find a place where it's 60-70* degrees all year around."  Because I would totally live there.  :)

Now I don't think that place exists....but I'll keep looking. ;)

Brisk mornings, a day when you can keep a sweatshirt on and not get hot, and a light breeze are my jam.  And this fall in Eastern Oregon has not disappointed!

The trees at our house have been gorgeous!  Although some of the evergreens are turning colors because I think they're dying, maybe?  Oh well.  It's all pretty and I'm hoping the leaves stay on for a few more weeks until we do family pictures.

The boys had a great Halloween!

Chandler's babysitter has this week off - Hi Kelley!  Hope you're having a great vacation! - so they had their Halloween party on the 26th.  My mom made Jory & Chandler "Bam Bam & Pebbles" costumes from the Flintstones, and they were too adorable!

 I think they had a pretty good time at their party!

Thank you Kelley for all you do - we sure appreciate you & your girls!

Clint was headed to help Ryan gather cows in Wallowa that day, so he had to make sure to get a picture with Chan in the morning before he left since he was gone for a few days.

Since Kelley was off this week, Kyle, Trav, Clint & I split up watching the kids so we all didn't have to take as many days off of work. Trav watched them all today and I think it's very safe to say Chandler loved their pony. :)

  I left early Tuesday and we headed out to trick or treat a few friends.  Chandler wore his "Firefighter" costume from Costco.  His uncle Shawn is a firefighter for the city of Eugene, and his uncle Henry is a volunteer firefighter for Dayton so we thought it'd be fun for him to dress up as one.

We went to Terry and Anna's and look who also stopped by to trick or treat. :)

I just love that our boys & the Carnine kids will have so many memories growing up. :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Hope you got more treats than tricks. ;)

Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up.

Happy Monday!

We stayed at home this weekend....and it was probably a good thing we did.  ;)

We started Saturday morning off by sleeping in until 7 am (glorious!!!) and then heading into Hermiston to watch Colter's football game.

It was so fun to spend time with the Raymond family, cheering Colter on! 

Cal loved being in the front pack and Chandler had fun climbing on top of Boomer, the HHS mascot and running up & down the walkway to the stadium.  :) 

We grabbed a few things at Walmart while in town, ate a quick lunch and then headed home for naps and play time.  Lindsay had stopped by earlier to drop off a shirt we'd ordered - so I threw it on when we got home (pretty sure Cal spit up on the first one I'd worn) - isn't it fun?

And then it all went downhill, lol.....

It was one of those nights that was too good to be true. Cal had been sleeping since 5, and Chandler was rubbing his eyes at 6. I'd  bathed him and made a bottle for him, which he was drinking while sitting on Clint's lap.

There were so many things I was going to get done! Pre-auction catalogs for the Hermiston FFA Alumni Auction needed labels made & stickers put on the edges, I was going to get some laundry done, and go to bed early.  :) 

Cal woke up about 7 pm and was hungry, so I was feeding him when I heard Clint urgently call my name....I laid Cal down and went out to the living room to see that Chandler had gotten sick and puked all over himself, and Clint, and the recliner, and the floor....

I grabbed him and headed to the bath where he puked again on the way there in the hallway - PRAISE GOD for vinyl plank flooring which is easily scrubbed!!!  We got him cleaned up, dressed in new jammies, the rest of the house cleaned up & sanitized and Chandler laid down with us in bed.  He was sick almost every hour thru the night, poor guy.

We did a lot of laundry, a lot of outfit & sheet changes, and laid on a lot of towels.  Sweet Cal slept thru it all, and luckily only woke up to eat twice....and both times when Chandler was still sleeping, so I wasn't juggling a baby and a sick toddler.  Clint was a huge help too, and we made it thru the night.

We took it pretty easy Sunday....Clint went to help Double M brand a few fall calves and I stayed at home with the boys.  Chandler stopped throwing up around 10, Cal didn't get sick (we're hoping he stays well) and we just kind of laid low.  Both boys played well in the morning (you wouldn't have known Chandler was sick) and both boys took 3 hour naps in the afternoon.  What I'd hoped to get done the night before, I got done during naps which was great!

Cal loved all of the paper.  :) 

Chandler ended up getting sick one more time before bed, so Clint kept him home today.  They were going to go to Helix today, so when I passed a white Sienna minivan on I-84 with Beaver plates on my way to work after I'd dropped Cal off with Pam.....I thought "OH NO!  Chandler's thrown up and Clint's having to deal with it on the freeway."  So I quickly pulled over and got to where they were....turned out Chandler was just fine and Clint was trying to pair his phone so he could talk hands free, lol.

So that was our weekend - hopefully yours was good!

PS - My Monday outfit after a weekend like ours was pretty casual. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Chandler & Twist.

Friends often ask if Chandler likes to ride, and our answer is always an enthusiastic yes.

I know that Clint loves that he loves to ride, and I love that he's learning so young.

Clint's stud horse Twist is probably not a normal first choice - but for those who know Twist, know that he makes perfect sense.  Patient, calm & aware, Chandler can pet, ride & "lead" to his heart's content. 



We're blessed with two little saddles; one given to us by Poppa Dave; a saddle the Cleaveland kids rode in and a second saddle purchased by Clint.  With these, I hope our boys have many years of enjoyable riding in them!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Calvin - 4 months

Calvin David Dean

You are four months old!

We had your appointment with Dr. Earl this morning, and you weighed 16 lbs, 11 oz and are 26 inches long.  You're right on track! You wear size 6 month clothing, and a size 2 diaper.

You are SUCH a good baby.  Honestly, we hear that a lot - from friends, from family, from your Pam - and it's true.  You are just so good.

We think you are teething, and I think you have all four front teeth coming in at once.  You chew on everything but never fuss.  Sweet boy - it can't feel good, but you wouldn't know it by the way you act.

You LOVE your brother, and he loves you.  You two are so funny - Chandler wants to always be holding your hand, or giving you a hug and whenever he looks at you - you grin!

You're laughing, and talking, and almost rolling over.  :)

We put you forward facing in the front pack this month and you never fuss.  It's funny - you weren't a fan of the front pack when I had you facing me (which Chandler loved) but once we turned you forward facing it was like a whole new world opened up.  Even at the pumpkin patch, in the rain & wind, you were just content to hang out.  :)

You are just so much fun.
We love you Cal pal!