The mother's holiday.

I work for USDA, so that means part of our benefit package is 10 paid federal holidays a year.
Columbus Day is one of them - or as we like to jokingly refer to it in our office, "The Mother's Holiday".  Kids are in school, but the moms are off and can get things done!
Obviously, my kids aren't in school but our care providers said they would watch them on Monday which meant I had a WHOLE day to get errands done.....I love my kids, but a whole day without loading kids in & out of the car, or lugging a car seat around was glorious!  I'm trying to get things lined up for our Hermiston FFA Alumni Auction on Nov. 11 and it was so great to check a few to do items off of my list!
Because I knew I'd get a lot done on Monday, we spent the rest of the weekend doing fun things.
Friday I went to Tri-Cities and we did our normal bi-monthly Costco trip, and hit up Hobby Lobby for a few fall decorations.  We picked up this turkey to sit on our back deck, and Chandler wanted to "hold" Calvin, while he was eating his pear.

Chandler was so funny - he normally won't eat dense fruit or veggies, but he loved toting around that pear he picked off of our tree.  I was telling Kelley about it on Monday, and she said he'd eaten a small apple earlier last week which surprised her too.  Hopefully we can keep him on the fruit loving train!

Clint spent Saturday in Ellensburg at a field day & sale at Trinity Farms, so the boys & I hit up Junk Barn Girls after naps (I scored a sweet ladder to hang blankets on - thanks Casie!) and then came home to play.  Chandler was helping me put away the silverware (that's his job - he knows to put it in the silverware draw, and then I separate it) but then wanted to pull it all back out and place it in the dishwasher racks he had pulled out.

I figure as a mom, I get to pick my battles.  This one wasn't worth fighting - he was happy, content, quiet, focused, and at the end of the day all I had to do was rinse a few pieces of silverware off.
We spent the rest of the evening snuggling, and teaching Chandler what double sided tape was.  Lol - he thought it was hilarious!
Sunday we helped Clint vaccinate the rest of our cows, before we hauled them out to a bit of fall pasture/stubble.  Clint wants to get our pasture watered up as much as he can before it really freezes, and our friends let us take a few cows out, and that let us get them off of it for a few weeks.  It was a gorgeous day, and we were happy to spend time together as a family.

The gophers dug a few new piles of dirt in our lawn, which aggravates me - but Chandler loves to play in the soft dirt, so I guess that's the silver lining.  Cal hung out and was such a good boy while I worked on our front flower beds and sealed up the vents in our foundation.

Cal's wanting to reach for things now, so we keep toys nearby that he can hold onto/out.  It's so fun getting to watch him learn and do new things.  He loves to sit up and I actually set up his stroller seat from a laying position to an upright position while I was working in the flower beds and he did so well!
Monday we had a lazy morning, before heading out the door to drop the boys off at daycare.  How sweet are these two holding hands?

I love these two boys so much.
It's funny - this blog used to mostly be about cows and AI'ing, and since having Chan & Cal I just don't have the hands free to take pictures of that much anymore.  I miss it - but I wouldn't trade the quality time I get to spend with the boys for the ability to take pictures.  I know there'll come a day where they're both walking & functioning on their own and I'll have time to take pictures that are more than just a quick cell phone snap.  But today isn't that day yet, and I'm content with what this stage of life brings. 
Actually - more than content.  :)
I hope you all had a great holiday too - and are living the dream!


  1. Oh man...i loooooove the Mohawk!!

  2. Such adorable boys, Darcy! What great memories! You'll be so glad you did this. Did you know you can print your blog into a book? I did that with our family blog and the kids loved looking back it.


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