Calvin - 5 months.

Calvin David Dean

5 months buddy!  Time is flying for your proud mama & daddy. 

No official stats since we don't see your doctor this month, but you just moved into 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers.   I think you're doing just fine.  ;)

You are thiiiiss close to rolling all the way over on your own and think it's so funny.  You get all of the way over, except for your shoulder.....someday those broad shoulders will come in handy, but today they kind of get in the way of you rolling completely over.  Pam says she's been trying to teach you to lift your head (so your shoulder will follow) but no dice so far.

You've really started to enjoy sitting in your bouncer this month, and your brother thinks it's so funny to talk & play with you one on one.

I thought you'd get teeth this month, but none have popped thru yet. :) You still like to gum or chew on anything you can get close to your mouth.

We've given you small tastes of food (rice cereal, pudding, squash) but so far you're not really more just want to hold the spoon, or anything else we're holding.  And I don't get to give you a lot of bottles, but last week you showed me you were running the show when it came to feeding you and that you were happy to hold it.  (Which is SO unlike your brother, who I don't think held a bottle until he was 16 months old.)

You giggle all the time, and it is so CUTE!  Your brother is the best one at making you laugh though.  You think your brother is hilarious. He thinks it's funny to stick his fingers in your mouth, which you like too. (Although I have to stick your fingers into Chandler's mouth, but he bites....which we found out the hard way.)

I hope you two stay fast friends forever.

We love you buddy!


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