Everyday life.

Nothing major going on at our house, just every day life.
Chandler is a water baby, and loves to play in the sink.  He pulls a chair up, can turn the faucet on, and has a host of plastic cups, shakers, plates and utensils that he can play with.

He just plays away while I make breakfast, or dinner.  And if Clint isn't home, during that time you'll probably find Cal in the swing.  I'd say he tolerates it....the swing isn't his favorite but sometimes mama just needs two hands to get dinner done.

And sometimes life calls for cookies....before dinner.  ;)
Lindsay & Henry brought Chandler Alfajor cookies from Argentina when they were here for Thanksgiving, and you could say he's a fan.

So that's just a little peek at everyday life.  I'm sure glad it's ours.


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