Home with Hand, Foot & Mouth

Hand, foot & mouth....

It's like the 2017 version of chicken pox, but without the itching. 

Chandler didn't feel well last Friday, but only had a fever and wouldn't eat. He was still fussy part of Saturday, but I chalked it up to Clint leaving for California and a lot of activity since we'd celebrated Thanksgiving with my family that day. Later that afternoon though, the bumps showed up and I was pretty sure he had HF&M.

When I called Clint to tell him, he asked urgently "Where did he get that?!?".

For those not in the cattle business, there's a really serious disease called Foot & Mouth in cattle that is not zoonotic to people.  When there is a Foot & Mouth outbreak, borders close, exports stop....it's a pretty big deal economically. 

Luckily, Hand Foot & Mouth isn't that serious and I explained that the two weren't the same thing to Clint. ;)   HF&M is really contagious so Chandler stayed home from daycare this week and since Clint's in California, I stayed home from work.  He felt better Sunday afternoon and didn't have a fever but he did have active sores so we tried to quarantine ourselves from little kids.  That meant we spent a lot of time at home, trying to entertain ourselves....

We've played, napped, ran errands, mailed Christmas cards, video called daddy, worked on auction wrap up and went to my office and picked up my laptop so I could address a few deadlines. 

As much as I hated that Chan didn't feel good last weekend, and the missed work time - I've also enjoyed the mini vacation.  We've had great weather this week, and it's been fun to see the sunrises, check cattle in the daylight, and let Chandler play outside.

We should be back to normal next week, and that will be good too. 

Hope you've all had a great week too....minus the bumps.  ;)


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