2017 Recap.

- 2017 -
You were a great year!

As I write this post, the first big memories that come to mind are that we welcomed Calvin into our family, and bought our first home.  But it's been fun to go back thru pictures taken with my Canon to remember the year again - there were a lot of good memories, and Chandler sure has grown!

I took a lot of pictures on my cell phone (because using a real camera takes two hands, and with little ones that isn't always convenient) but I wanted to document a few of the better quality pictures in this post.

We celebrated Chandler turning one, the Charolais cows started calving & we bred a few fall cows.


I took a week off of work & we moved!

My baby bump really started making an appearance that month too. ;)


We settled in to the house and made a quick weekend trip to Angus Reno with Pace!


Chandler got his first haircut & spent his last day with Pam.  We celebrated Easter & helped brand a few calves.



May is always the busiest month for AI'ing.  We went to Nevada, Washington, and all over Oregon helping Select Sires customers!  In the few minutes of downtime, we spent the last few weeks spending time with Chandler before he became a big brother.


Sweet Calvin David Dean made his appearance and stole the show in June.



We adjusted into being a family of four, tried to stay cool and learned just how good of a baby Cal was.



I feel like we really hit our stride as a family of four in August.  My anxiousness subsided, we played outside a ton, and we made a road trip to Nebraska to see family; and North Dakota to look at cattle.

And Chandler might kill me when he's older, but this picture just kills me.  He'd painted that day, and it was so hot we just hosed him off and he ran around nakey for awhile.  :)


I went back to work, but not before we bred a few heifers at Bengard in K Falls.  It was a great summer, spending time with these two boys - one I will always treasure and remember fondly.


We found our new "back to work/daycare" pace in October and relished weekends at home with the boys.


I picked up my camera to shoot family pictures of friends, and my mom took our own.  Clint bred a ton of fall cows (mostly in California) but we tagged along when he was breeding locally.  Chandler's love of a tractor only grew....


Christmas magic, time with family & friends and watching our boys grow & play capped off the year in the best way!



I know with the addition of Cal in 2017, our lives have changed but life has seasons and this is one where I'm home more with the boys or we tag along and watch more than we help. It takes adjusting, and a little self talk - but looking back I see how much time we got to spend with our kids, and how much they've grown and I'm just thankful that we've gotten to do what we have.  The days can be long, but the year really did fly by.

As always - I hope that your New Year rings in with prosperity, health & happiness.  The words our friends the Wolfe's are still true, and as always I'll leave them here to cap off this post:

We rather think that God is pleased when we have lived well, laughed often, and loved much.

When we have gained the respect of intelligent men and women, and the love of children.

When we never lack appreciation for the Earth's beauty or fail to express it.

When we follow our dreams and pursue excellence in each task.

When we bring out the best in others and give only the best of ourselves.

Let's resolve now to seek His help to make 2018 our most wonderful yet.

Happy 2018 friends!


  1. Looks like a wonderful year! Wishing you a wonderful 2018 :)


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