3 Things.

I thought today I'd post 3 things about the boys -
 1. Mr. Talkative
Chandler has started to really talk a lot.  We can't understand a lot of what he's saying, but he's definitely saying it.  :)  He's picked up quite a few single words, and can string a couple together.  Thank you, I do it, I need more.
2. He's becoming independent.
Oh man - they say 3 is harder than 2, and I'm sure it will be but 23 months is trying this mama's patience already.   I'm sure I'll be glad that Chandler is independent when he's older, and I'm sure it's teaching him good things....it's just hard when he is so focused on something and it's the wrong thing or at the wrong time.  But I'm trying not to be a helicopter mom and trying to let him learn on his own.
I'll be honest though - bedtime is really hard right now, and I have lost my cool more than once this week.  Just keeping it real - I love this guy so much, but 8:30-10:00 pm is not our finest hour right now. 

3. Belly bumping.
I'm not sure where Chandler picked up it (I think from Clint tickling his tummy) but Chan has been lifting his shirt up, and chest/belly bumping the other kids at daycare.  I saw him do it with Jory & Tay on Tuesday, and it's adorable....


1. Mr. Talkative Junior
This guy is hot on his brother's heels verbally.  He is really talking and making sounds!
2. So strong!
Cal really made a lot of leaps physically this past week.  He's standing up when we hold him up, sitting on his own when supported, and holding his head up like a champ!  He loves to bounce in his jumpy jump, and stand on his own.  He can roll over, and thinks it is hilarious!
3. So smiley.
Cal's just so happy, all of the time.  We got SO lucky with an easy going second baby, who is happy to be along for the ride.  He goes to sleep easily, and as long as he can see what's going on and is sitting up - he'll hang out happily while we do whatever we need to do.  I am so thankful for this!


Your mom & dad love you so much. 
Being a parent is both the greatest gift, and also a bit trying at times - but you are worth it! 
We love you two!


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