Christmas at our house.

 When I was pregnant with Chandler, I told Clint that I really wanted our kids to wake up on Christmas morning in their own house.  I know it's hard when you have multiple families in the mix who all want to celebrate with you - but I remember waking up every Christmas morning at my childhood home and wanted that for our boys too.

Our families have been supportive of that; I just mention because I have had two similar conversations with farmers in my office last week and so if you want to make that a tradition for yourself - know that you're not alone in the struggle of balancing extended family with creating your own traditions.

We got home from my mom's house late on Christmas Eve due to the roads (I'll post pictures of that later this week - we went to Zoo Lights and had so much fun!!!) so we got the boys tucked into bed and then "Santa" went to work on putting presents under the tree.  All but one made it - Santa didn't realize how many parts a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car has, and since Cal had plenty anyway, Santa decided that might be a better birthday present.  😉

We woke up slowly Christmas morning - I'm savoring the years when the boys aren't up at the crack of dawn - showered & got ready for the day, Chandler made sure everyone had shoes on (lol) and then Clint & Chandler headed out to feed cows.  We had hoped to get home in the daylight the night before, but due to the freezing rain in Portland and the roads on I-84 that didn't happen.  The cows still had feed - but they were also pretty excited to see Clint bringing fresh bales out.  :)  Chandler had seen Clint putting his coveralls on, and ran to find his coat shouting "Nee, Nee" (which is Chandler saying "Me too, Me too!") so we bundled him up with Clint and they headed out to start the skidsteer.  Chandler LOVES driving with Clint, and since Cal was asleep - I headed out too to help open gates/cut strings/grab a few pictures.

It was a White Christmas!

We came back in, ate some breakfast and when Cal woke up we started opening presents.


The boys loved it! 

After presents, Clint ran out to check our cows that are out on stubble to make sure we didn't have any calves (he's bringing them home today) and then we headed over to Terry & Anna's for lunch.  It was so good!  We always appreciate that they include us, and Chandler HAD A BALL watching Cid & Cameron ride around on their new hover boards.  He would run behind them, laugh and clap! 

We came home, got the boys bathed and since Chandler didn't get a nap at all, they were both out by 6:00 pm.  Mama got a silent night!!! :)  Clint and I sat together, and enjoyed one of the Brown Shugga beers that the Gray family had given us and called it a night early.

It was truly a GREAT Christmas.  I hope yours was as well!

I am so thankful that a baby was born in a manger, lived his life among men and died to save our sins.  Truly the best Christmas present anyone could ever receive!


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