Real Life Wednesday - Managing Gifts.

I wrote yesterday on the blog about the generosity of gifts our boys received this Christmas....they are so blessed to have so many people who love them & gift them such nice things for Christmas.

We know not all are as fortunate as we are....

Chandler & Cal received so many nice gifts from friends & family this Christmas. 
But here's where the "Real Life" confession comes - our boys didn't even finish opening their gifts.

They received so much and were having so much fun playing with their new things, that Chandler didn't even realize there was more to open. We tried not to rush them - and let them open something when they were ready.  I think it will be fun later this week in the evenings to let him open a present and enjoy that "opening" excitement all over again.

And once they're all opened - we're going to (or already have) put most of it out of sight.

That sounds very "Bah Humbug-ish" but I read this blog post here and thought the idea of a "Rainy Day Closet" was so smart.  Before I'd even had a chance to discuss it with Clint, he mentioned putting some of the toys up as we were opening presents on Christmas morning - so we both were already on the same page.  

This is the first time we're doing this, and I think it will help that the boys are young and don't know any different.  Shay talks about how they do it on her post, but our boys will open everything so they can see the gifts (and so we can write thank you notes) and then anything that they can wear/use will stay out. 

For example, Cal got new binks in his stocking so those will stay out....but Chandler got a few little tractors in his that he played for with a bit and then moved on to other things so I put those up.  The new pj's & clothes they got, are already hanging in their closet ready to wear.  Things like blankets, candy from their stockings and baby toys for Cal will stay out.  But as for toys & books - a few of the things Chandler really started playing with we kept out (probably 3-4 items) - and the rest I put in a spare bedroom where he can't see it every day. 


Honestly, I think it will be fun for him in a few weeks/months to pull out a brand new tractor and get to really enjoy it.  Or play with the Duplo set we got him, that he didn't care wasn't opened.

Maybe it will be different as they get older...but for now, Clint & I both hope this is a good way to teach our boys how to enjoy a gift.  In a few months, when Christmas is over and we pull out a brand new sing-a-long book I think it will be as much (or maybe more) exciting to play with than it was on Christmas day.

How do you manage gifts are your house?


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