Simple joys.

What if all it took in life to be happy; was a shovel and a sawdust pile?

The great thing is: we're surrounded by people who are happy with simple things like that!

Last weekend, we were at the Lulay's taking pictures and they had this huge sawdust pile under cover Chan got to play in with their boys.  Thank you Adrienne & Paul - Chandler was in heaven!  All the way down their driveway as we left, Chandler kept saying "Thank you! Bye! Thank you!".

I love that we are surrounded by people and kids who can see the joy in simple things.

I hope this holiday season finds you in the same boat - able to find joy with family and friends, and enjoying simple things that create happiness. You may not have a sawdust pile (sadly for Chandler, we don't), but I bet you have other things right under your nose that you can do with your family.  

A few ideas....

- Taking baths early, and jumping back in the car to drive around looking at Christmas lights in your jammies. Maybe with a yummy drink.

- Letting your kids decorate the tree, and not worrying about what it looks like but enjoying their delight in the process.

- Spending time as a family in a live nativity.

- Finding a way to be present with someone, instead of gifting them a present.

Merry Christmas friends!

Enjoy the simple things....and I hope Santa brings you a "sawdust pile".


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