Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A birthday at the beach!

We spent this weekend celebrating my mom's birthday with a day trip to the beach at Pacific City.
Sand, warm sun and a cold beer shared; snuggling babies, looking at beach lots and dreaming of beach houses; fabric hunting, pizza eating and mini van rides; it was all a great day.

Love you mom!  Happy birthday!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Calvin - 6 months

Calvin David Dean

You're 6 months old!

You've actually been 6 months for a few weeks, as I type this.  :)  Since your 6 month date fell on Christmas Eve AND our doctor's office scheduled limited appointments during the holiday AND your brother's 2 year appointment was scheduled for the week after he turned 2, we just combined everything into one visit and you actually had your 6 month appointment in the middle of January.  :)

The struggle is real being the second child!

You weigh 19.5 lbs, are 28 inches long and wear a size 3 diaper.  You wear 9 month clothing and 12 month pajamas...mostly because you're so long the 9 month jammies with feet fit you in the middle, but are too short lengthwise.  I think you're going to be pretty tall sweet boy!

You are eating like a champ!  You are picky though - the total opposite of your brother there.  :)  You only like sweet things - sweet potatoes, peaches, pears & applesauce.  You make the cutest face when we try to give you vegetables - but there's no chance in those going past your lips right now!  Rice cereal & formula mixed together goes over well though, and at the end of December you learned how to suck applesauce from a pouch!

You have really developed physically I feel like this month.  You love to sit up, and stand in your jumpy jump.  You can stand when we hold your hands, and you're so close to sitting on your own.  Chandler loves that you're at his level when you sit in your bouncer, and that he can play with you.  You two GIGGLE so hard and Clint & I love listening to it.

You can roll over, but haven't figured out scooting or crawling yet - and that's ok!  I'm enjoying the time that I can put you down in one spot, and you're still there when I get back....although you might be flipped over.

You still sleep like a champion - and most nights only wake up once, if even at all.  Usually that depends on if we got enough food into you before you fell asleep - if we can get you normal bottles & 3-4 feedings then chances are you will sleep a solid 8 hours!

Traveling got a little difficult with you - I joke that you do not like I-84 east of The Dalles.  :)  Coming home from the valley both times this last month, we stopped at every other exit to soothe you.  But in the big picture - you really do travel well.  I think we're just a little spoiled with how well both you and your brother have done for us up until now.

You've been babbling for a while, but really have taken off verbally this month.  Usually when you wake up, I feed & change you, and then the cooh's start flying!

Sweet boy - we love you so much.  Your daddy was telling me how much he loves this stage you're in right now the other night - I want you to know that.  You're most at ease in our arms, or sitting in our laps and we love that you know us and are comforted by us.

Love you Cal!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Chandler - 2 years old.

Chandler Jesson James


You're two years old!

You want to be just like your dad, and do whatever he does.

If he's putting on his coveralls to go outside - so are you.  If he's on a phone talking - so are you.  If he's looking at a bull catalog - you want to look at it too. 

You much prefer your dad if you have to choose between him & me, but you like your mama too.  :)

We had your 2 year appointment with Dr. Earl a week after your birthday & you're growing well!  You weigh 34.5 lbs, are 36 inches tall and wear size 3T clothing.  You've shown a little interest in potty training, but we're not pushing it and you still wear a size 5 diaper.

You've learned to greet & say good bye to people (Bye!  See you! or Bye! Thank you!), give great hugs and we almost have "I love you" down.

Speaking of love - you LOVE your brother.  If he's nearby, you're holding his hand, playing with him or talking to him.  I love how much you each love one another.


You love anything that has to do with tractors, and also like to ride Twist.  You like being around cows if we're working them or breeding, but you get a little scared if one comes to close to you (which is probably healthy).  You can find an AI gun tucked away in a gun warmer or pickup seat faster than I can find a Diet Pepsi in the fridge, and know just what to do with them.




We're biased - but you are so smart, and really take in how things work and what to do with them.  You can work an automatic syringe gun, load guns into a warmer, load and "farm" with your tractors, figure out how bottles & sippy cups work, and are just so inquisitive.

You're becoming a little bit particular about food - I think partly because you're a toddler and also because now you can express your choices.  You always choose a cheeseburger over nuggets, Cheetos over any kind of chip, and cheddar cheese over string.  You love Gogurt, black olives, Capri Suns and any kind of candy....but not a fruit snack.  Mac & cheese and hot dogs are hit or miss, but you love ravioli and pot stickers. 

Sweet boy - I don't know how we got to two, but here we are.

You and your brother are the light in our lives - we love you so much and love that we get to call you ours!

Friday, January 12, 2018

2017 Family Pictures.

By now, I think everyone I took pictures for this past year has had a chance to send out Christmas cards....I hesitate to post family pictures on any social media (unless the family desires it) because I don't want to ruin any surprises.

Since I think we're in the clear - I thought I'd post a few of my favorites from the year.  I'm not a professional photographer (AT ALL) but I think it's important for families to get an annual picture, and I try to provide a reasonably priced service that provides that.  My goal is to get a few solid images, quickly & affordably.  I tell folks if you want "good" pictures or a lot of editing - you should go to a professional, and let them do what they do best.  But if you'd just like an image of what the year "looks like" in your family - well, I'm happy to try to capture that. 

Thanks to everyone who let me "shoot" you this year - it was fun for me, and I hope you as well!