1st Calves of 2018!

Calving 2018 has begun!

This weekend, we had 3 Charolais calves born into our little herd.
And another one last night!
Clint had moved up our cows last spring using a 14 day CIDR, in an effort to allow them to start calving a full cycle earlier, and he was getting worried that they hadn't started yet.  Usually when you AI, calves come a few days before their due date but in our case that didn't happen.  I like to think that the calves were just waiting for the nice weather (oh sun, we had missed you!!!) to start calving last weekend.  :)

So far he's had a Slasher calf, a Big Sky calf and two other calves I'm not sure of the sires...but I am sure that they're pretty cute!

It was fun to walk out Sunday morning and grab a few pictures - the first Slasher calf walked right up to Cal & I as I was shooting.  I was wearing Cal in a front pack, and he was a curious cat calf.


Now we just need the rest of these ladies to get going.  ;)


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