Calvin - 7 months

Calvin David Dean

You're 7 months old! 

You've hit so many physical milestones this month! 
You got your first tooth yesterday!
You're sitting up on your own - at least for a few seconds, before you topple over :)
You can roll or scootch to wherever you want to be.
You roll over and back, on both sides like a pro.
You found your tongue this month.  :)
You are a babbler and love to talk!

You are just the happiest baby.  And we are so happy to have you a part of our family.

You're in size 12 month clothing, a size 3 diaper and you weigh about 20 pounds based on the bathroom scale.  You have one tooth, and love to eat bananas, rice cereal; really anything we're eating that can be mashed up.....Ritz crackers, roasted cauliflower, hummus, black beans - if we're eating and it's safe for you too, you enjoy it.



We sure love you buddy!


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