Life lately.

Just a little look at random bits of our life lately  -

Clint needed to load panels to take to 7UP from our house, so Chandler of course wanted to help.

Sweet Cal is such a good sleeper!  I am so thankful for this - and often, if you see a picture of us doing something outside; it's because he's bundled up in a nice warm pickup snoozing away.

I was looking rough that day, haha. I don't think I'd taken a shower, because I knew we'd be setting up panels in the freezing rain.  I made Clint take a selfie with me (his favorite thing, wink) because we'd both made the comment that we were thankful that even though he was working on the weekend, it was doing something that we could be together as a family.

When it started raining - Chandler lost interest in setting up panels, and we let him "drive" in the warm pickup.

He LOVES to buckle car seats, or any kind of buckle right now.

How cute is Cal's hat hair?!?

Getting a few snuggles in while Chandler was napping, and right before Cal dozed off for one....

These two love playing with each other!  Although I think in this picture, Chandler is stealing some of Cal's snacks, ha ha.

We went to Denny's for breakfast on New Year's morning after Clint AI'ed a few 7UP heifers, and we had the entire place to ourselves! 

The early bird gets the worm.  :)

Hanging out in the van, before we AI'ed a few heifers at Rupp's.

Cal has started eating little baby snacks, and it's so cute to watch him!

Putting on boots & gloves - thinking he can go outside in his jammies and play in the snow.  :)

When we didn't let him, he settled for drawing & playing with dice. :)

And finally - looking at Christmas cards this year was so fun for our family.  Thank you to all of our friends who sent us one!

So that's just a snapshot of life lately - it's a good little life we get to live.  :)


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