Real Life Wednesday - Feeding Cows!

Happy Wednesday friends!

Today I thought I'd give you a look at how we feed cows at our house.  As a little background, we have two sets of cows at home right now; a set of spring calving Charolais cows and a set of fall Angus cows that we're using as recips.  Twist & Pistol (our stud horse and gelding) are with the falls, and then we have a separate pasture we keep the three mares in.

Clint gives the mares a bale of grass hay once a week, so we just feed them on the weekend and they're done.

The falls and springs each have a Cattle Systems collapsible feeder in each pasture that Clint loads once (or more, depending on weather) with a mix of grain and grass hay that they get to eat free choice.  Then late each afternoon, we feed alfalfa.  The Char's get a 1/3 big bale of alfalfa on top of their hay so that all the cows can get to it.  They're in a smaller pasture since they're calving so we don't have a lot of room to feed hay out on the ground.

Flakes lined out, looking back at our house.

The fall cows are out on a bigger pasture, so we feed another 1/3 of a bale of alfalfa in flakes out in the field to them.  Clint starts at one end, and I walk along pulling a single flake off one at a time.  We leave enough space between flakes so that cattle can get to them without stepping on the hay.

The grass & grain hay is tarped outside, and the alfalfa Clint gets in flatbed loads and we keep it inside the shop.  Chandler stays in the skidsteer with Clint, and Cal rides in the front pack with me.  It works pretty well, and it's fun to do as a family!

During the week, Clint feeds the cows himself.  He uses a pitch fork to flake off the hay from inside the skidsteer for the falls, and then gets out and pushes off sections for the Char's.  It seems to work so far for us!

Happy Wednesday!


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