RLW - How we furlough.

Happy Wednesday friends!

I thought I'd show you today how we spent our furlough day!  But before that, I thought I'd share this - in my view, there are two ways that one can approach a government furlough.  You can either be frustrated/bitter/stressed out and let it consume your time "off"......or you can realize that you have no control over the situation, make the best of what has happened and enjoy some time off.

You'll find us in the latter boat.

We had to go in first thing in the morning and "shut things down" but then after that, I ran to Walmart quickly and then picked up the boys.  We came home, all took a nap (hooray!!!) and then woke up to eat a snack and go outside.  It was a great afternoon - the sun was shining, and so we bundled up to play and go for a walk.

Our mailbox is about a half mile from our house, and so we headed out to go get the mail.  We took it slow, and let Chandler play/doze/scoop dirt whenever he wanted and then the rest of the time he walked or rode in his little car.....which conveniently, I could either push - or it fit right in between my stroller wheels and I could use both hands to push the stroller, and then the stroller pushed the car!  This made is SO easy!

I loved having time to just be outside - that is totally Chandler's "happy place" and Cal loved being in the stroller....so much so that he took a quick snooze which gave Chandler even more time to play.


It was such a fun and restful afternoon.  I had felt myself getting sick Monday morning, but after a nap and an easy afternoon I woke up Tuesday feeling good - and that is another blessing!

  Later when Clint was home, we helped him feed cows and that of course was icing on top of Chandler's cake.  :)


After baths & Cal was down, Chandler got to spend time "walking his dog" while I cleaned up the kitchen.  Chan gets the biggest kick out of this dog my Aunt Mary got the boys - and then we all headed to bed!

So that's how we furlough at our house....low stress, and a lot of fun.

Happy Wednesday friends - hope you're living the dream!


  1. I had a dozen or so texts from friends asking (many very concerned I might add) about how the shutdown affected me. I finally started copying the same reply to everyone... I don't actually work for the gov. so it doesn't directly impact my day to day. And even though we take funding from USDA, the shutdown would have be a few weeks long before it start to impact us. I added that really it just meant that most of my friends were at home watching Netflix and daydrinking while I had to go to work LOL :)

    1. Haha - that sounds like a good way to spend a furlough day too! ;) My day drinking days are over for a bit though....at least until my kids are older. Happy Wednesday!


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