Rollin' Rock Feedlot.

I didn't get a chance to post these last week, and since I didn't take a lot of pictures this weekend I thought I'd share these from the weekend before last.

Ryan & Amy have built a new feedlot to feed their bulls and host their sale and we went out to check things out. It's amazing how much they've gotten done in just a few weeks. 

We drove in separate rigs; Clint stayed to help Ryan pick replacement heifers and the boys and I went grocery shopping and then brought lunch out.  After lunch Chandler had a chance to play in the skidsteer and thought that was pretty great.  :)

Source was in the display pen - he is pretty darn gentle!  Too bad he's not a Select Sires bull. ;)  Ryan was trying to get the waterer adjusted for the yearling bulls, and Source just wanted to check out the balls that keep the float from freezing.

The yearling bulls sure look good!  I just stopped by a pen in the middle of the lot to snap a few pictures of the guys sorting and turned around to picture a few bulls while the guys were getting into the heifer pen.  Normally I try to just get pictures of the "good" bulls but I didn't have to sort or crop anything - they all honestly looked good.  It'll be exciting to watch these guys grow and mature before their sale in March.

I was in the way of the heifers movement, for how the guys wanted to sort, so I snapped these two pictures and then we took off.

Ryan & Amy - we are so proud of you!  It takes a lot of effort to get something like this done in a short period of time - and you've done it!


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