A list.

Happy FriYAY!

As my sister would say.  :)

This week FLEW by and I'm looking at a three day weekend with zero plans.

Today I thought I'd share a list of things I'm loving, things that make me feel good and a few songs that have got me up on my feet dancing or shaking my head in the car.

1. Energy at night.

I don't know if it's because I'm drinking an extra Diet Pepsi in the mornings (pretty sure it is, wink), or if I'm getting this whole "2 kids + work" routine now, but I've just had more energy in the evenings.  Because staying up until 8:30 pm was an effort before, and now it's not too terrible.  :)

2. This weather!

Friends!  It has been SO nice here for February.  I know, a lot of you are socked in with snow and cold temperatures and I'm sorry about that....we were there a year ago.  But this year has been BEAUTIFUL! Yesterday as I ran errands at lunch, it was 65* out and this morning when I left the house at 5:40 is was 54* - pretty nice for February!  I can't remember a nicer calving season - but I've only lived in Eastern Oregon for 10 years.

XL Sarah Cardigan & 2X Nicole Dress

 M Shirley Drape Cardigan & 2X Irma Tee

3. Easy outfits.

I got a few new Lularoe pieces this week, and I just love how good they make me feel, and how easy they make it to be "dressed for work ".  And I found out Wednesday that an Irma & leggings are great tire changing attire! Lol, I had a super flat tire due to a bolt I probably picked up on my commute in.

I love shopping with my friend from college Kati at:

4. An inexpensive, trendy top.

I also picked up this top from Costco online for $15. It's true to size, super soft, light weight and totally appropriate for the office with a pair of slacks or fitted pants. I got the black and just got the blue too to wear with jeans.

5. The Olympics!

I'm excited to watch the Winter Games!  We don't have cable anymore but we do have an antennae and get our local NBC channel so I'm excited to watch the games!

And this meme just had me laughing - it's true!

6. Say Something 

Have you seen this new song from JT and Chris Stapleton??? It was filmed in one take and I have been watching it over & over.

Happy Friday friends.  I hope wherever you are, or whatever you're doing - that you're feeling good and living the dream!

And if you aren't....maybe drink a Diet Pepsi and see if that makes it any better.  I bet it will. ;)


  1. That Swiffer meme made me about spit out my coffee! Hahah!!!

  2. Love all of it. Thank you for sharing

  3. Oh, share your energy in the evening secret! I head to bed about 9 and read for a little bit and am usually out by 9:30. But, I'm an early riser. I also think the arctic cold plays a role in wearing me out.

    Glad you are getting a routine and have more energy. I'm sure your nice weather helps to keep you going.

    I'm with you on the Olympics and Chris Stapleton. The Hubby really loves his music.


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