Calvin - 8 months

Sweet Calvin - you are 8 months old!

You weigh 21 pounds, are in size 12 month clothing and a size 3 diaper.

You have 2 teeth on the bottom, I think you're working on 4 coming in on top and sweet boy - you have so much hair!  :)

You can sit up really well, even in the bathtub and can get to wherever you want even though you're not technically're just really good at rolling.  ;)  You love your brother, eating, playing with necklaces, taking baths, being held and being on the go in the stroller.  You like to be warm, you like to be held, and you like to fall asleep on your own.  The other day I got to rock you to sleep which is a rare occurrence and it made your mama's heart pretty happy!

You like to eat when we are, and you like eating anything we give you....except baby food that isn't sweet.  We can't even hide a vegetable in with the fruits, haha - but you'll eat a "real" vegetable.  Pears, prunes, bananas, peaches, toast, cous cous, avocado, and hard boiled egg yolks are well liked an in constant rotation.

You can wave and put your hands up to be picked up.
You babble, and have say "yah yah" and "da-da"...Pam sure tried hard to get you to say "ma ma" but just like your older brother, I think Dada is going to be your first word.
Most nights you sleep all the way thru the night, and if you do wake up - you go right back to sleep after a feeding.  We've had you in a bassinet next to our bed until this week - you haven't ever tried to flip over and pull yourself out of it until now (not sure how!) so we just now transitioned you to your crib in the room you share with Chandler and so far it's going well.  You still don't love a bink like your brother does - but you do like to have one when you sleep.
You are just the most laid back, sweetest baby - and you are so loved!


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