Grocery shopping, "Bob" and a weekend at home.

Someone thinks he is pretty cool when he pours "pop" (seltzer water) into his own cup to drink. ;)



 Fresh air, walks, learning how to drink from a sippy cup, naps (or not wanting to take one), getting a headlight changed and grocery runs filled our weekend.  Nothing too fancy.

Clint came home Sunday for a day, so we spent the morning filling feeders and checking water and fence.  Our 60 degree days turned to mid-20's so the tank heaters were turned back on until it warms up again.

I know I shouldn't feel this way - but sometimes when I'm home, doing the consistent "mom" thing I get jealous that I'm not out doing fun things.  No overnight travel by myself, dinners out or time where I can enjoy what's going on around me versus worrying about little ones.  It's selfish, but something I honestly struggle with.  I'm working on that - and it's just our life, and career situations right now.  I probably overshare, but posting pictures of the boys and our "lazy weekends" reminds me that consistency is good for our kids and that being home and with them is good too.

When we "signed up" to do this parenting thing, I knew that I signing up to give up things and my personal time....and it has been worth it.  Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that.  :)  I sure love these two!

Chandler loves being "Bob" from Bob the Builder with his hard hat - notice it's on in the background.  ;)

My little grocery helpers.  :)

So that's a look at our weekend.  We also watched a fair share of the Olympics, which was fun.

Clint left for California this morning, so we're holding down the fort for a couple of days.  We're looking forward to Valentine's Day parties, a couple of birthdays and another long weekend since I have Monday off for Washington's Birthday.

Hope you all have a great week!


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