Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

I put these two meme's on my staff meeting agenda today, and so I thought I'd share them here too.


We don't "go big" for Valentine's Day, but we do like to celebrate.  The boys each got a card & candy (or rice wheels for Cal, lol - closest thing to candy a 7 month old gets), we gave a few small gifts to Pam & Kelley (the ladies who watch our boys) and we'll have a nice steak dinner at home together as a family.

Yesterday I was in Hermiston for appointments, and so I took extra vacation time and went to Chandler's Valentine's Day party at the Stanfield Library after I was done.

Our babysitter Kelley takes all of the kids to the library every Tuesday for their 10:30 am toddler program and last week they made Valentine's holders (so cute!) and this week everyone brought Valentine's to put in them and the kids got to open them up.  Chandler was A FAN of the suckers.  :)  I loved getting to be there (although I think it threw Chandler off with me being there when I'm normally not) but it was a total "mom win" for me. 

I will preface these pictures with this:

Getting toddlers to look at you for a picture is not easy.

 Such a fun day for Chandler!

They had another party today (Kelley is great at throwing parties for them) and then we'll come home tonight and have a nice dinner in as a family.

My friend Kati posted this about Valentine's Day today and I thought it was really good:

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Some love this day to celebrate, others not.... For us it doesn’t mean extravagant gifts or anything over the top but a day to love my kids and husband a little more than everyday love, with all the hustle in life sometimes I need to slow down and remember why we hustle and work hard, this is a good day for that! Whatever day you choose, today or another day spend some time hugging those that you love or treat yourself to some self love.❤️❤️

So I'm going to go hug my kids, and kiss my husband and count myself lucky.

Happy Valentine's Day friends!


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