9 Mile Sale.

We headed to up to the 9 Mile Red Angus Bull Sale on Saturday.


Chandler was feeling the spring weather, lol - he had some energy and kept running up and hugging people's legs (which he hasn't really done before) and then he'd look up and realize that those people weren't his mom or dad and come running back to us.  Ha ha.

Tyler & Clint looked through the bulls, and then after everyone had gone through the line, we ate some lunch.  I always feel bad going to a bull sale where we're not buying anything and eating lunch (Clint helps AI the cows there, and he goes to bull sales since he's on a bull buying committee for Select) so I always wait until the end, and if there is lunch left over then we go through the line.  They had plenty, and it was a really nice lunch!

Cal was a fan of the beans and Chandler really like the tri-tip and rolls.

Chandler ran around, but Cal was perfectly content to be snuggly warm in the front pack.

I did get a few snuggles from Chandler at lunch though.

It was St. Patrick's Day, so we tried to wear our green (or in my case, turquoise)!

The Spike's were there buying a bull too and Chandler had A BALL playing with Rory.  It was not exactly balmy outside, but they played with ice and never once complained about cold hands....they would come let you feel their hands though, and thought it was so funny that they were cold.  :)


Clint stayed for most of the sale, but we left to go home and grocery shop (and let Chandler nap).  Once we got home, the boys played for a little bit and then we headed to a birthday party.

Definitely a fun Saturday for the family!


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