Costco for the win.

"Hi, my name is Darcy and I have zero will power when browsing"

GAH.  Anyone else like that?  I shouldn't even look there, but then I'll need to order diapers, or wipes, or paper towels and it just becomes a downward spiral as I check out their "What's New" section.  So I'm going to own it, and today I thought I'd share a few things that I am loving lately from Costco.  Because sharing is caring.  :)

It's really too bad Costco doesn't pay for advertising.  Lol - I bet I could quit my day job.

So I have the WORST cracked heels ever known to man.  For real - I'd enter them in a contest.  And I've basically just given up on them, but I saw a blogger do a post about Baby Feet wraps and it intrigued me.  However, my cracked heel self is also very frugal and one of those wraps is $20.  These wraps from Costco are 6 for $29 so I gave them a whirl.  I wore one Sunday night, so I haven't seen the full results yet (I think my feet are going to peel like a snake) but right now my feet feel a ton smoother so if that's all that happens, I'll count that as a win.

And if it takes care of my heels in 2-3 week like it's supposed to I will be snatching up more of these puppies!

Embryolisse Moisturizer
I saw a few YouTube videos from Andreea Ali and I really like watching her.  She did a video on her beauty basic must haves, and when she was talking about moisturizer she talked about La Mer and this one.  La Mer is CRAZY expensive so I figured this one was too and didn't even look into it, but then I saw Costco had it and I carted it.  It's on my way today and I can't wait to try it out!

And of course it has already sold out on Costco - you can find it here though.
Hopefully that means it's good.

I also really love Clinique's Moisture Surge in the winter time - you can find it here in stock.

If you like Huggies diapers, Costco is the best value that I've found.  They ship fast, and go on sale 3-4 times per year.  They actually just came off of a sale, so Costco doesn't have hardly any sizes in stock as I type this (and I need a box of 6's - haha the struggle is real) but I think in a week or two they will.

Conni bed pads
Speaking of kid's stuff - if you have littles, you need to check these out.  We're not potty training Chandler yet, but I bought them in anticipation of that, and ended up putting one on his bed for if/when his diaper leaks at night.  They are excellent quality and lay really well on the bed.  If anything though, I would say they run a little warm/do not breathe well.  Chandler doesn't like to sleep with covers on, so the heat thing isn't an issue for us.

Denim Jacket
This is just cute.  And $20.  And it comes in 3 colors and plus sizes.

I want all of the colors, but am trying to show I just ordered the denim.  ;)

Roll Cuff Tee

I haven't gotten these yet in the mail, but have ordered the blue and gray.  I have my fingers crossed that they are going to be an awesome $12 tee to run errands in on the weekends this spring. 


So there are my Costco finds for this month.  What are you eyeing?

And if I didn't have a budget - I'd probably have this and these shipping to me.  But I have a budget.  You probably do too....I think everyone does.  :)  At least we're all in it together.


  1. I love these kind of posts! I have a Costco card through the flower shop but I hardly go because the parking is a nightmare at mine and I live in a 500 sq. ft. apartment sooooooo I have no storage for buying in bulk. I've also never even thought to shop at Costco online... but I might need to check that out, because I NEED that foot wrap.


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