A Saturday with Grandma.

We had such a fun weekend!

My mom came over Friday night and spent Saturday with us.  We ran most of our errands on Friday so that we could do "fun" things with her on Saturday.  That included some more errands (haha, there are just some things - like dry cleaning - that are easier to do when another adult stays with the kids in the van) but we also had a trip to Home Depot for their Kids Workshop planned.

This month we built a birdhouse....and Chandler was into it for about 1/3 of it, before he figured out his brother was driving the race car cart he was standing on....and then he decided driving with him was more fun than hammering.

What can you do?  A 2 year old will be a 2 year old.

We didn't want to waste the project, so we "helped" him finish it and then did some shopping.

Chandler remember the periscope we built last month, and thought this was the same, so he kept holding it up to his head.  LOL!

Cal was a great sport - like always - and was content to drive.  :)

We found a great deal on Helibore plants, colored mulch and 4'' annuals, so we filled the van and headed home.

After lunch & naps, we headed over to the elementary school playground and played!  Chandler LOVES this playground, and sliding and so he was in heaven!  Cal wasn't too sad that he got to swing and slide too.  :)


We so appreciate that my mom drives over and spends a day with us and the boys.  It's awesome to have a helper when I run errands, and Chandler gets so excited when she comes.

Love you mom/grandma!


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