Calvin - 10 months.

Calvin David Dean

How are you 10 months old???  I feel like that is so close to 1 year!

You are doing so well, and are just the happiest baby.


You weigh 22 1/2 pounds, and are in 12-18 month clothing and a size 4 diaper.  You have 7 teeth (four on top, three on the bottom) and love to eat!  Your favorite foods are those that you can pick up and feed yourself let us feed you, but you would much rather feed yourself. 


I wonder where you get your independence from??? ;)

This month you had your last day at Pam's, and started going to Kelley's full time.  She loves having you, and we will miss Pam - but you love being with Kelley too and all of the other kids.  Your brother is especially proud to have you there too, and we love that we have such a great lady watching the two of you.

You love to play, and ride on the little cars we have around the house.  You are still army crawling, but you are beginning to pick your butt up and also pull up on things. 

You love to pull up on the side of the bath, which scares me but you think it's pretty fun!  You also love a shoe, haha and we almost always find you over by the door, trying to shove a shoe or shoelace into your mouth.  :)

A few other random things - you have SO much hair (compared to Chandler) and I've been joking this month that you have a Trump cut, because we can sweep your front hair all the way around the back of your head.  I haven't gotten the courage to cut it yet though.  You love to hold your bottle, and you can put your binky in your mouth all by yourself.  You can turn pages of a book, tip a cart or box of toys over, and you get so excited when we start the bath water!


We sure love you Cal - and even though I know the baby stage is just about over, we are so looking forward to all that you will do!


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