Friday Favorites.

1. Chandler behind the lens.

I don't know why, but Chandler LOVES to take pictures with my camera.
He doesn't care for a cell phone, but if I have my regular camera out

Here are a few he took at Ryan & Amy's branding last weekend.

2. The Boys.
These two crack us up! They love to be outside!

3. Sunrises
The weather has been ALL OVER THE PLACE here....mostly cold, and finally a little bit of rain.  What we need is a lot more rain, and some warm days.  Supposedly the rain is coming (and 45 mile winds) but until then - I'll be enjoy the sunrises the cool mornings bring.
Happy Friday friends!
We don't have too much on the agenda.  It's my day off today, so we've been running errands and as soon as I post this, we're headed in to the dump.  It's free dump week here in Hermiston, and I wanted to take advantage of's the little things in life as homeowners, ha ha!
My mom is headed over tonight, and we'll be going in to Home Depot tomorrow for their kid's workshop and spending time with her.  Clint is headed to Central Oregon, and then Sunday I imagine we'll have stuff around the house to do. 
Hope you all have a great weekend - live the dream!


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