Friday Favorites.


Life was busy this week - but good!  Clint's AI season has really picked up, but he has been trying to be at home for dinner and I really appreciate that.  I know that this won't always happen - so I am thankful for the nights it does.  :)

Wednesday night I was cooking dinner, and Chandler & Clint worked on mowing the yard.  It looks so good, I just love a freshly mowed yard!  And a big thanks to our friend Matt Funk, who gave us a name of a local guy who works on small engines - our mower hadn't run for a few years and he got it in top shape quickly & relatively inexpensively! 

Saving cash is always a favorite for us. :)

Speaking of dinner, Safeway had a crazy good sale on petite sirloin steaks last week, and we have eaten those every night this week!   Beef is our favorite and everyone in our family loved the steaks - even Cal! 

Speaking of Safeway, do you use their Just For U app?  If you aren't, you should!  It is super easy to use, and in my last two shopping trips, I've saved 40% by using it!!!   I am NOT a coupon kind of a girl....but I don't mind spending 4-5 min before I shop to browse through an app and click items I might buy.  You totally need to try this!  After you start using it; they even add free things for you too!  Last week I got a free container of their deli soup (we love the broccoli & cheese), a free candy bar and a free Cascade Ice!

Free is also our favorite!

Terry Francis' birthday was this week, and we celebrated at our new favorite dinner spot - Shiki Hibachi!

We have such a great, extended group of friends here - and it seems like the six of us (Terry & Anna, Larry & Debbie and Clint & I) always celebrate a birthday at hibachi.  It was fun to see Jenny & the girls, and Hannah & Danny at Terry's birthday too!  We used to all go to Tri-Cities, but we were talking about how it is awesome the we have Shiki in town now, and the food is just as good but without the drive. 

Thanks Terry for having another birthday so we could celebrate!

The night we were headed into Shiki, we put batteries in the remote control tractor Terry & Anna gave Chandler for his birthday.  I talked about how we save back a few gifts for the boys, and Tuesday night was confirmation that it works for our family....Chandler was SO THRILLED to play with his tractor!


He loved it so much that the next morning, before he was even fully awake, he was laying in bed crying "Tractor!  Tractor!" because he wanted to play with it.  :)

And one last favorite is the weather & blooming fruit trees....

We were so thankful to get a lot of rain this week, along with some warm days.  Both are needed to make our grass grow (our cows are itching to graze!!!) and we are looking forward to being able to turn out.

Happy Friday! 

I hope you all have a great weekend, and get to live the dream!

I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika this week & their Friday Favorites series!


  1. Darcy, I am glad to hear it is spring at someone's house. We got 4-6" of snow yesterday! It was 15* last night and in the 30's with sunshine today. They are talking several more nights in the teens.

    Birthdays are one of the most important days of the year. It's good that you and your friends take time to celebrate the important people in your lives.

  2. I comment on blogs rarely and I comment out of concern. Our community experienced a terrible accident involving a young child riding on a mower with their father. A small stick flew up and hit the child in the eye. The injury and subsequent infection has left the child with limited vision. At the very least, children and adults should wear eye protection. Mower manufacturers would say children should not ride on the machine under any circumstances. The family in our town stops to tell their story whenever they see a child on a mower.

    1. Thanks Anne for your comment. I hadn't even thought of that.


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