The boys & life unedited.

Oh boys - I sure love this stage we're in right now!!!

This is just a quick update - nothing major....

Cal is big enough to sit up and play on his own, and you can really tell how thrilled he is about that!

He loves to scoot and drive, and try to keep up with his big brother.

Chandler is just becoming more of a dare devil - ha!

He's not naughty....but he is BUSY and all boy.  When I was taking these pictures, he would lean back in his car until it started to tip, and then get a kick out of driving while he was popping a wheelie!

I keep joking that we just need to keep him alive....but it's the truth, lol!

The video above is from March, but you will still find Chandler doing this at home.

So that's just a little look at life lately - I love trying to keep up with these two!

Note: I've been trying to take more pictures with my camera - but haven't had a lot of time at nights (mama is tired, lol!) so these images are getting posted without any editing.  That's life right now - but I'll take present over perfect anytime and for the blog - they're good enough.  :)


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