We love the color green!

I waffle back and forth about which season I love more.....spring or fall.   I love crisp mornings, and a day where you can wear a t-shirt and running pants and not be too hot.  (I'm still looking for a place to live where it is 65* year round, but I hear San Diego is the only place like that and there are too many people there, lol!)

Since we're in spring - I think I love that season the most.  At least today.  Check back with me in the fall to see if I've changed my mind.  :)

And because it is spring, today I'm posting about all things GREEN!

1. Green grass.

Our cows were naughty on Sunday, and broke down the panels we have up to keep them off of the freshly fertilized pasture.  Clint let them get a full belly, and then we brought everyone back in.

We're supposed to get a few more rains, and once the grass has had a chance to get ahead, they'll get their day to be back out.


We were joking the Charolais cows were probably thinking it wasn't fair that the fall cows had a chance to get out, and they didn't.  Oh well.....fair's in August.

2. Green tractors.

Chandler found his favorite tractor in the van, and was playing with it - and his JD Gator - all weekend. 

3. Riding horseback.

Clint wanted to let the horses graze a little bit, and since he already had Twist on a halter (they got out too, but they didn't come in as easily as the cows did - ha!),  he saddled him up and let Chandler ride for a bit.  Chandler LOVES the horses, and did so well balancing in the saddle!


While Chandler was riding, Cal was hanging out playing with twine (his FAVORITE!) in the stroller.  Soon it will be him up in the saddle too!

4. Green for inside.

Our pear tree is flowering right now, and it never makes good fruit, so I have been cutting off the flowering branches and bringing them inside!  I also cut a few stems from the apricot tree for height/variation and just love having "fresh flowers" in the house....for free (saving me some green in my wallet)!

5. Chandler & a camera.

This doesn't have anything to do with the color green, but it was too cute not to post.  Chandler LOVES taking pictures with my camera, and so Sunday morning I gave it to him (after I tried to take some pictures of him and his belt/holster but to no avail since he wanted to be the one taking pictures) and instead I took these with my cell phone.

This kid - he cracks us up.  Also, his ninja pajamas are so fun (from Costco) and he almost has a ninja move down.  Sweet boy.


What are you loving lately that is green?  Sound off in the comments!


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