A weekend with Aunt Lindsay.

Like I noted in my post yesterday, my sister Lindsay came over to spend the weekend with us and help with the boys while I helped Clint with a larger AI heifer project. The boys loved spending time with her - Cal especially loved getting to snuggle a lot.  :)

Lindsay brought Chan a bubble gun, and gave it to him (sans the bubbles) when she got to our house late Friday night.  Jen was staying with us in our guest room, so Lindsay slept in Chandler's twin bed (in the same room as Calvin in his crib) so Chandler slept with us.  I had to text Lindsay a picture of Chandler still playing with the bubble gun as he was falling asleep....he did NOT like it when I took it away from him, lol.

The first thing he asked for in the morning were his "Bubbas" (bubbles).  :)

Saturday morning we bred a few heifers and then came back to the house to hang out until the afternoon set.  It was so nice having Lindsay there because I hammered out getting our swing set stained (we bought it used last year and hadn't had a chance to stain/oil it or put it together) while Clint went to pick up our single AI barn from a project last week, and Lindsay helped with the boys.

Cal was so cute - he likes to stand, but hasn't figured out walking yet, so he would stretch out/lean forward as the walker went forward until he couldn't go any further and then we'd roll the walker back towards him so he could stand straight.

Chandler was "helping" me with the swing set.  :)

PS - I used PPG Timeless Penetrating Wood Oil in Mahogany and was really pleased with the results.  It's kind of spendy (I think I paid $70 for a gallon) but I figured you get what you pay for in terms of wood treatments, and I was really pleased with how it applied and dried.  I used almost a full gallon to cover everything you see above.

We had another break in between the afternoon set of heifers and dinner, so Lindsay & I took the boys across the street to the elementary school playground while Clint worked on the ditch and Jen ran errands.  It's always good to let Chandler run off some energy when he's taken a long afternoon nap, like he did Saturday.

There were more heifers to breed Sunday morning, and Lindsay handled things at home so I could get out the door.  Cal woke up at 5:30 am (silly guy) so Lindsay got some snuggles in....Chandler slept in, like usual.  :)  The real fun happened mid-morning when Aunt Lindsay taught Chandler how to slide down the slide (which came off of the swing set I was staining) that we propped up on his water table.  At first, he was just racing cars down it....until Lindsay showed him how to ride his car down!

"But he's wearing a helmet!" - Aunt Lindsay


Thanks Lindsay for coming over and helping us this weekend!  We appreciate you....even if you might have taught our boys a few things we wouldn't have.  *wink*


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